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Story & Photographs by Diane Fleischman

Another home game for Lehigh University this past Saturday as they took on Cornell University. The weather was perfect, sunny, warm, but not too hot, with a cool breeze that occasionally filled Goodman Stadium in Bethlehem.
The Mountain Hawks kicked off to Big Red, and during the first quarter both teams were anxious to score. But it was Big Red who hit the scoreboard first.  The Mountain Hawks strengthened their defense, but ultimately, the Big Red scored two touchdowns with good field goals as the first quarter closed, 14-0.
The second quarter brought cheers from the Mountain Hawks fans, as they hit the scoreboard. Big Reds tried several times to score a touchdown, but those Mountain Hawks kept them out of the territory, only coming close enough for a field goal kick, ending the first half with a score of 17-7 with Big Reds over the Mountain Hawks.
Both teams held the line in the third quarter, as both teams were unable to score.
It became all or nothing in the fourth quarter, Big Reds squeezed out a field goal within the first three minutes. Right at the halfway point of the quarter, the Mountain Hawks pushed out another touchdown and field goal, and the fans went wild.  The gap was closing in at 20-14 Big Reds still carried the lead. The Mountain Hawks gained another touchdown, and Big Reds were only able to get close enough for another field goal.
Final score: 23-20 Big Reds victory over the Mountain Hawks.
Lehigh University football returns to Goodman Stadium on Saturday, October 14th to take on Georgetown.
1st 2nd 3rd 4th F
Cornell 14 3  0 6 23
lehigh 0 7 0 13 20

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