Boris and MELVINS Twins of Evil Tour 2023 | Review By: Janel Spiegel

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Review By: Janel Spiegel

Boris and MELVINS

Twins of Evil Tour 2023

September 20, 2023


Musikfest Café

ArtsQuest Center

101 Founders Way


Bethlehem, Pennsylvania… How is everyone doing? Tonight, was an awesome night for a concert. Did you feel the Musikfest Café vibrating? THE BUILDING WAS VIBRATING. That’s when you know it was a good show. You could feel the bass, the drums, the vocals. It goes through you.

Guitarist Buzz Osborne, Steven McDonald on bass, and drummer Dale Crover (Coady Willis filled in) was who absent tonight due to surgery. We all say Get Well Soon. It was also the 40th Anniversary of (the) Melvins. The iconic Boris also paired up with the band to showcase the incredible discography they have. Tonight, was a great night at Musikfest Café, the staff, security guards, and the volunteers all work hard to keep everyone safe. Michelle from ArtsQuest introduced the show.

The opening act for (the) Melvins was Mr. Phylzzz. Mr. Phylzzz was formed in 2015 and yes, it is pronounced Flyzzz, just in case anyone was wandering. They have a heavy sound, and they came out to the Britney Spears song, “Baby One More Time.” It was the most metal thing to do, truly. Mr. Phylzzz is Clinton Jacobs on guitar/vox, and Danny Sein on drums. Could we take a moment to talk about Danny Sein playing drums. This gentleman was INSANE. I could have listened to him play drums all night long… Clinton Jacobs sounds amazing. He goes through a wide-variety of vocals. He kept the audience on their toes, every couple of minutes, I heard, “What IS HAPPENING right now” from someone in my section.

Music, my friends, music was happening. A few songs from Mr. Phylzzz included: “Pretend Friends”, “Dirty Hands”, “Damp”, and more. They did a good job. They riled the crowd up for Boris and Melvins. Melvins dedicated the tour to drummer Dale Crover who had spinal surgery. Coady Willis filled in for Dale Crover, and he was going hard all night. Coady Willis has been part of a few bands including: High on Fire, Big Business, and he appeared on the Melvins’ album “(A) Senile Animal”.

Steven McDonald is the kick ass bass player for (the) Melvins. (the) Melvins are one of the greatest bands ever. They have played such a wide variety of music, and the talent just oozes from the band. They have released over thirty albums since the 1980’s.

(the) Melvins came out onstage to “Take On Me” by A-Ha! Did we do a group sing-along, you bet we did. The crowd was hyped, BEYOND hyped. Concerts bring people together, they give us all a chance to forget everyday life, and what comes along with everyday life.

A few of the songs they played tonight included: “Your Blessened”, “It’s Shoved”, “Zodiac”, “Honey Bucket”, “Revolve”, and more. Buzz also stayed to do “Boris”. King Buzzo being completely unfazed while a lively crowd chants MELVINS at the very top of their lungs. (the) Melvins rocked, they did what they came to do. They made an entire crowd of screaming people happy. The people upstairs were also happy. They do have an upstairs to get tickets and sit if you didn’t want to be in the whirlpool most-pit or be part of the standing room crowd.

Keep that in mind though. Musikfest Café is such a cool place to listen to music.

It was fascinating because I met so many Mr. Bungle fans tonight. Apparently, everyone was at the Philly, and New Jersey Mr. Bungle shows. King Buzzo worked with Mike Patton on Fantomas which was a one-of-a-kind band made up of Patton, Dave Lombardo, and Trevor Dunn. (the) Melvins will forever be one of the best bands to ever exist in this galaxy and beyond.

Make sure to go see them if you get a chance.

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