Calls for an immediate increase of the minimum wage

 ALLENTOWN, PA – Peter Schweyer, Democratic Nominee for State Representative in the Lehigh Valley’s new 22nd Legislative District released his plan: Job Creation and Protecting the Middle Class.

Schweyer, a member of City Council for the last six years, noted that only though cooperation from several sources was the City of Allentown able to achieve unprecedented economic development.  “I can tell you government did not do this alone, but rather a spirit of collaboration between the citizens of Allentown, the private sector and the public sector has allowed us all to move forward in creating a vibrant Downtown,” he said.

Schweyer, who has received the endorsement of a number of unions including the PA AFL-CIO, has also received the endorsement of a number of business organizations, most notably the PA Chamber of Business and Industry.

He states he will continue to foster this cooperation in order to spur economic development throughout all sections of the district.

“We in Allentown have been able to achieve this remarkable turnaround because we kept in mind one simple premise: we are all in this together.  Labor and management, private and public sector, residents and investors all worked together, and the results are overwhelming.”

While noting his support for targeted investment in the community, Schweyer emphasized his belief that the Commonwealth has a responsibility to ensure that people are able to find jobs that pay a family-sustaining wage.  Lastly, he emphasizes access to jobs as a key component to ensuring that all of Allentown’s residents have opportunities to earn a livable wage.

His Jobs Plan focuses on four major areas:  Supporting Public Investment in Targeted Industries in Key Locales, Increasing the Minimum Wage, Protecting the Right to Organize, and Hosting Public Sector Job Fairs. 

“We as a community have to continue to be creative in order to lure good paying jobs to the areas of the City that need them the most.  The Commonwealth can, and should, take a leadership role in these efforts.”

 A copy of Job Creation and Protecting the Middle Class is attached.  It can also be found on his website at

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