Dinosaurs Invade The Lehigh Valley!!!

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Photography by: Diane Fleischman | Review By: Joe Scrizzi

Dinosaurs Invade The Lehigh Valley!!!

What does this mean? Jurassic World Live Tour hits the PPL Center this Weekend and WOW….How cool is this to be up and close to these Amazing Beasts!

Come with me on a trip to Isla Nublar where you will experience Indominus Rex, Stegosaurus, Blue the Raptor, and many more Dinosaurs from 65 Million Years Ago!

The show started off with ominous sound and music….I was loving it and a chill went down my back!

Strobes pierced the the smoke filled area and the stage was set for the evening.

Amazing special effects that were casted on the back stage area.

Scores from Jurassic Park & Jurassic World got everyone feeling the vibe.

Cheers came from all around me!

Story opened about a Dinosaur named Jeanie, she was an exceptional Dino that grew up with humans and protected them throughout the show.Blue the Raptor made a few appearances, along with T-Rex (he was loud & proud).

I won’t give too much away, although I highly recommend getting floor seats and I’ll get them next time….WOW!!!

This show was action packed, with plenty of thrills: daredevil motorcycles, Dino’s tearing up the compound, flamethrowers, explosions & much more!

Even some romance tossed in 🙂

I’m partial to making my own sets over the years for events and I loved the cool & complex sets that were on this stage!

Final Notes:

This is an all age event that is a Must See! Make the time and catch a show this weekend!

Amazing job to the cast and crew for all the special effects, animations, performances, stunts & more!

It takes a lot of talent to put on a show like this!

I want to go back!!!

You can find more information about tickets here: https://www.pplcenter.com/events/detail/jurassic-world-live-tour