Interview by:Diane Fleischman

As the Thanksgiving day holiday approaches, so does the biggest party night of the year,  Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve. And for those of you looking for a reason to go out and enjoy great music, a special feature film fundraising event will take place at Godfrey Daniels, 7 East Fourth Street in Bethlehem.  It’s Brosky Live!

Steve Brosky, a native Allentown resident, musician, songwriter, has been performing at the favorite local bars and clubs for over thirty years. Brosky states that it’s family, his career, and the people that keep his feet firmly planted in the Lehigh Valley. His music dips into several genres, rock, blues, and folk combined with rich soulful vocals. Joined with his band,  this show will reach deep in the pocket of his life here in the Lehigh Valley, his music, and stories.

Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with filmmaker, director, producer, and creative, Michael Judkins, to talk about the importance of this fundraiser for his Steve Brosky film.

TVL:  How did you first hear about Steve Brosky?

MJ:   “Steve and I first met when I worked at Radiophonic Records in Allentown, owned by Wayne Becker.  Steve was recording his latest record at that time. Still, I came aboard to help with promotions and marketing of the project. I pitched a visual idea for one of his singles, ‘In Your Arms’, and collectively worked on the project with Trisha Thompson and JB Earl.”

TVL:   How does his music resonate with you?

MJ:    “Steve sings and writes from his soul. I hear a unique storyteller deliver raw emotions on a record. That moves me.”

TVL:   Why is making this film important to you?

MJ:     “It’s a story that needs to be told.  And also, to bring awareness to independent music and the legacy of a great singer/songwriter, and local hero.  It will be filmed in the Lehigh Valley, a growing film community.”

TVL:  And to give our readers a little more information about you, you are no stranger to making movies. You have a new short film, released in late October, ‘A Familiar Face’, and towards the end of 2022, was the release of ‘Lonely Girl’,  also a short film, which has garnished a total of 15 laurels! That’s amazing!

MJ:  “Yes, Lonely Girl received three award wins for Best Short Film, four Finalist, seven Official Selections, and one Semi-Finalist.”

TVL:  So what is your favorite part about making the movies that you created?

MJ:   “I think the best part is the creation of the material for me.  I tend to get an idea , start to craft it out, visualize it in my head, then start an outline, and it goes from there.”

TVL:  Have you ever faced any unexpected challenges during a film shoot?

MJ:   “Absolutely!  I always worry if talent and crew will show up on time and be ready to be creative. Also, if you’re working with venues and locations, ensure you adhere to their property guidelines, from monitoring craft services and being aware of food allergies for the cast and crew. Many challenges can arise on a film set.  The best method…stay calm, handle in grace, and keep going.”

TVL:  Moving. back for this upcoming feature film on Steve Brosky, who is your target audience for this film?

MJ:   “The dreamer, the creator, the loner, the lover, the middle-aged man seeking emotional connection. The 30-something woman learning how to navigate her work and life. My audience is emotionally driven with connections to human experiences.”

As for Steve Brosky, the honor of having a feature film made all about his life, one wonders how that must feel. Brosky explained, “proud…good…scared…and can’t wait!”

Tickets are available in advance for $30, and at the door, tickets are $35. At either price, you will receive a classic Steve Brosky album as a token of gratitude.  All money raised goes directly towards supporting the fundraiser, and payment to the talented band accompanying Brosky on stage.

If you are unable to attend and would like to make a contribution towards this film, there will be a crowd funding campaign that will launch after this concert. Links will be available for donations, collaborations, and participation in the film craft services opportunities and sponsorship information, so stay tuned!