KidsPeace’s Healing Magazine Examines Mental Health Workforce Shortage in Fall/Winter 2023 Issue

SCHNECKSVILLE, PA (November 29, 2023) – Mental health providers are facing a number of serious challenges emerging in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, but one issue looms largest – finding enough people willing and able to care for those in need of their services.

The latest issue of KidsPeace’s flagship publication Healing Magazine looks at the evolving mental health workforce and the impact of the current shortage of qualified workers, from a variety of perspectives:

·         A state provider organization, which advocates for more government attention to the issue.

·         A mental health practice owner, who is finding ways to show her workers how much they mean to her practice and its clients.

·         Recruiters of mental health professionals, on what prospective employees value and are looking for from an employer in the post-pandemic era.

·         Organizational trainers, who are exploring new approaches to prepare those employees for working in this field.

·         And advice from two veteran practitioners on planning for a fulfilling career in mental healthcare.

The Fall/Winter 2023 issue of Healing also notes a similar staffing dilemma in the teaching profession; investigates why “quiet quitting” poses a distinct challenge to the client/therapist relationship; explains the key to a successful introduction of a foster child into their new environment; and examines a new emphasis on health equity from the leading healthcare accreditation organization.  It also details a new approach to training for personnel caring for military-connected children and families, and offers first-person insights from the 2023 winners of the KidsPeace Foundation’s “HELP” Awards.

Twice a year, Healing Magazine delivers thought-provoking information and perspectives that address issues of importance to children’s professionals, therapists, educators, parents, and others who have an interest in seeing kids grow, thrive and succeed in life.  The latest issue (#52) and its articles are available now at – where readers also can subscribe to the print version of the magazine for free.

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Information Provided By:
Robert Martin
Director of Communications