Boscola Lauds Success of “First In Math” Program

BETHLEHEM (DEC 4, 2023) – State Senator Lisa M. Boscola lauded the success that the First In Math program has had for elementary school students at multiple schools in the 18th Senatorial District. Students in 35 schools throughout the 18th Senatorial District active in the First In Math program saw a 4.1% increase in state-level assessments, the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA), for math compared to the statewide average of a 2.6% increase. The Economically Disadvantaged group (3,749 students) showed an even greater increase of 5.2% in scoring Proficient and Above, with a corresponding decrease of 5.7% in students scoring Below Basic.

First In Math is supplemental educational program that improves attitudes and math proficiencies for elementary students that Senator Boscola secured $500,000 in funding to provide the program services to every elementary aged school student in the 18th District.

“Improving math skills in elementary school students is critical to their long-term academic success and it is why I worked to secure state funding to bring First In Math to schools throughout my district,” Boscola stated. “To see students who are in schools with First In Math performing at a level that is 57% above the statewide average increase is proof that this is a wise investment of state funds.”

First In Math is a great supplemental resource that school districts may utilize to improve a student’s fluency in mathematics. First In Math features hundreds of engaging math games designed to strengthen fact fluency, automaticity, computational thinking and other critical skills.

Noteworthy highlights:

• 78% of schools saw an increase in scores.

• 20 schools outperformed the PA state average.

• Four schools saw a double-digit increase in PSSAs.

• Wilson’s Avona ES had a 29.2% increase in PSSA math scores.


School mentions:

• Marvine ES, Bethlehem Area SD: +8.7%

• March ES, Easton Area SD: +10.2%

• Kenneth Butz ES, Nazareth Area SD: +9.1%

• DeFranco ES, Bangor Area SD: +8.9%

• Williams Township ES, Wilson Area SD: +14.6%

“These results prove that First In Math benefits the students who utilize it,” Boscola said. “It truly makes math fun, supports independent learning and helps to develop students into problem solvers.”

Since 1988, inventor Robert Sun and his team have developed more than 300 innovative games that foster mathematical confidence in children and adults.First In Math launched in 2002 by Robert Sun, an Easton resident. He said he was inspired to help students overcome anxiety and fear associated with math.

“Thanks to Senator Boscola, student achievement in math is improving throughout the Lehigh Valley,” Sun said. “Building strong math and problem-solving skills in our children will strengthen our community’s future.”


Information provided to TVL by:
Kurt J. Derr
Office of Senator Lisa Boscola
One East Broad Street, Suite 120
Bethlehem, PA 18018