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ALLENTOWN, Pa. – This Wednesday, December 13th from 6-9pm, local artist Brandon Dominguez will be showcasing his brand new artwork through a one-night-only event at The Alternative Gallery. Dominguez has built his identity as an artist through his self-described theme of “Contemporary pop art meets cartoons”. For lovers of bright, modern colors and playful characters, Dominguez’s work brings a refreshing twist to this motif.

Guests of the exhibit will experience a whole new world through the lens of “Brian”, a recurring character in Dominguez’s work, reminiscent of a cartoon brain. Elaborating on his artwork in the most recent episode of “Art Bazaar” podcast hosted by Alternative Gallery Creative Director, Brandon Wunder, Dominguez describes “Brian” as a representation of all the things he can only experience in his mind. “I cannot be in the clouds, or live in space, but he can”.

The title of the event, “Sulcus”, is in reference to the grooves of the brain, which can be found in Dominguez’s works through waves and shapes, capturing the movement, vibrancy, and energy that one experiences in their mind. As Dominguez described, “I will be bringing out the more contemporary artist in me, and be a little more exposed with my emotions through these paintings”. Dominguez has expressed this series to be a new challenge for him, as he digs deeper into more raw, human, and psychological elements.


Featured guest artists will include:

  • Tylor Sky: Neotribal digital artwork.
  • Mikey DeNora: Stained glass compositions.
  • Rugged Imperfections: Artwork done through tufting, turned into vibrant and unique rugs.


This event will kick off a larger initiative that The Alternative Gallery aims to prioritize within the next year – a consistent presence of solo exhibitions for local artists, with an emphasis on creating meaningful opportunities and connections for creators in the Lehigh Valley.


Brandon Dominguez’s artwork can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/brandondm.art/?img_index=1

About The Alternative Gallery

The Alternative Gallery is a non-profit (501-c3) organization founded in 2012, run 100% through volunteerism. Our mission is to strengthen local communities through arts, culture & education and build relationships with other communities around the world. Located in Allentown, PA, The Alternative Gallery is housed in the Cigar Factory Artist Studios; providing exhibit & performance spaces, over 40 artist studios, retail spaces, classrooms, a fine art print shop, darkroom, urban garden, film archive & more.

Our contributors come from various mediums including; sculptors, photographers, comedians, actors, writers, painters, filmmakers, architects & more. Our market is everyone and anyone. This is not a space just for students of art. The Alternative Gallery works towards changing the perception of art to something which is accessible in our daily lives.

Information provided to TVL by:
Julie VanOsdol