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Images used provided by Feld Entertainment, Inc.

Interview By: Victoria Durgin

When “Disney On Ice presents Mickey’s Search Party” opened at the PPL Center on January 18, performer Jasmine Bezugly was back on the ice performing in her eighth season with the company.

Born and raised on a small farm in Saskatchewan, Canada, Bezugly’s earliest memories involve skating and dancing.

“My dad coached hockey because both of my brothers played the sport, so I was on the ice from the time I was about 3, learning from my dad on the little pond on our farm. Then my mom also had me in dancing lessons from a young age, so I was always doing something.”

Bezugly has long viewed her role with Disney On Ice as a perfect blend of the athleticism of skating and the craft and storytelling of dance.

“My favorite part of dance was always the art and the craftsmanship of telling a story. With Disney on Ice, I get to bring that storytelling to our performances, and then on the skating side of it, it’s really a lot of athletic skill that we’ve all trained for years to be able to do.”

Over the last seven years, Bezugly has traveled the country and the world with Disney On Ice, performing for audiences all over. Her favorite moment with the organization came when she took to the ice last July.

“When we opened in Japan, that was such a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to see the country and then having the opportunity to perform for such an amazing audience like we did there, that was such a special feeling.”

Bezugly has played the role of Jessie, the cowgirl from Disney/Pixar’s “Toy Story” franchise, for five years, including in “Mickey’s Search Party.”

The storyline of “Mickey’s Search Party” involves classic Disney characters Minnie, Mickey, Goofy and Donald embarking on an adventure spanning beloved Disney projects to save Tinkerbell after Captain Hook and his pirates steal her.

“We have so many classic Disney favorites, but this story also blends in newer stories and characters. The Coco segment is actually one of my favorites,” Bezugly said, “It’s a beautiful, fun way to end the first act and there are so many components that all tell a great story.”

“Mickey’s Search Party” marks the first time Disney On Ice has included aerial performances in addition to the skating components of the show. The program also features large marionette puppetry, lighting, and other special effects fans of Disney On Ice know and love.

Acrobatic elements high above the audience and random callouts from the on-ice hosts of the show prompt audience participation throughout the duration of the event.

“You never know when you’ll need to be involved in the story and helping our cast characters. The moments we get to bring the crowd in are always so fun.”

Disney On Ice promises fun for all ages, and Bezugly believes anyone can take something away from the show, be that the storytelling fun or the athleticism of the performers putting that story on.

“Everyone has their own personal experience with the show, and that’s the coolest thing about live entertainment. Disney on Ice isn’t just for kids, though of course we love them, but everyone really can enjoy the craft from our world-class athletes.”

“Disney On Ice presents Mickey’s Search Party” is at the PPL Center in Allentown from January 18 through January 21, 2024.