Bright Communications presents our newest book: Are You a PICKASAURUS?

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Do You Love Dinosaurs?

Have you heard of the Pickasaurus? You might have more in common with this type of dino than you think! In this book, you’ll discover the picky habits of the Pickasaurus—a friendly, funny little fellow!

Along the way, you’ll meet the Pickasaurus’ Mommy and Daddy and have some fun exploring his world.

Hold onto this book! You’ve picked a winner!

Patricia Eldridge

Patricia Eldridge is the mother of seven and grandmother to 15 children, so it’s safe to say she has been around quite a few Pickasauruses! She believes in finding the good in everything and everyone and has been described as leaving a trail of glitter everywhere she goes. Pat’s life has been filled with creative adventures that help those in her world tap into their imaginations and dreams. Her contagious optimism and love of life inspire fun stories and characters that she enjoys sharing with her family and friends. She now invites you to step into her world of imagination and wonder and meet the Pickasaurus. You’ve “picked a winner” by inviting this author into your home!



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