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Allentown, February 13th 2024 – Love Letters to the World has arrived in Allentown, bringing with it a powerful narrative of hope, humanity, and connection. Originally conceived by Brian Rashid in 2020 during his time in Uruguay amidst a global pandemic, Love Letters to the World has since traveled to various cities, captivating audiences with its moving stories.

Brian Rashid’s personal experience in Uruguay, where he penned a love letter to the country during a time of adversity, sparked the creation of Love Letters to the World. The overwhelming response to his heartfelt message inspired Rashid to establish a visual storytelling platform that celebrates stories of resilience and travel through a combination of written letters and emotive films.

Since its inception, Love Letters has made stops in prominent places like New York City, San Francisco, Guatemala, and Washington D.C., and now, it has found its way to Allentown.

Dr. Hasshan Batts, the visionary Executive Director of Promise Neighborhoods, recognized the profound impact Love Letters could have on Allentown. Dr. Batts, who views Allentown as a global city brimming with potential, saw the initiative as an opportunity to unite the community and shed light on the city’s success stories.

“In times of hardship, it’s easy to lose sight of the positive aspects of our city,” says Dr. Batts. “Love Letters to Allentown aims to illuminate the goodness within our community and highlight the individuals dedicated to realizing the boundless opportunities that Allentown offers.”

To kick off this journey, Promise Neighborhoods Lehigh Valley will be hosting the first private showing of Love Letters to Allentown on February 20th at 6:00pm at Theatre514. This exclusive event promises an evening of heartfelt storytelling and celebration of the resilience and spirit of Allentown.

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About Promise Neighborhoods Lehigh Valley

Promise Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley (PNLV) is a Black-led, anti-racist, woman-centered liberation-based grassroots community organization that is led and staffed by neighborhood residents in Allentown, Pennsylvania. PNLV comprises a unique network whose role in our community is to promote consistent public health messaging, delivered by trusted community messengers. The mission of PNLV is to foster cooperation among residents within the Greater Lehigh Valley to create safe, healthy, vibrant, inclusive neighborhoods, where children succeed in school and where adults and families thrive and want to live.

About Love Letters to the World

Love Letters to the World is a visual storytelling platform founded by Brian Rashid, dedicated to sharing stories of hope, humanity, and connection from around the globe. Through a blend of written letters and emotive films, Love Letters seeks to inspire, uplift, and unite communities by highlighting the resilience and beauty of the human experience.


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