Valley Youth House Receives $10,000 Grant from Partnership for Better Health to Combat Youth Homelessness and Food Insecurity in Perry County

(March 4, 2024) – Valley Youth House, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to supporting youth experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Partnership for Better Health. The grant will specifically fund grocery store gift cards aimed at addressing poor nutrition and food insecurity among youth in Perry County.

The beneficiaries of this grant are the young individuals served by Valley Youth House who have exited foster care and are currently receiving out-client assistance through the aftercare component of the Adolescents Achieving Independence (AAI) program.

The comprehensive services provided through the Adolescents Achieving Independence (AAI) program include weekly individual and group life skills counseling which encompass hands-on and group instruction, focusing on essential skills such as budgeting, meal planning, shopping, and cooking in order to enhance healthy eating habits among the youth, thereby tackling the challenges of poor nutrition and food insecurity.

The grant-supported AAI program offers assistance in advancing education, preparing and supporting youth in attaining employment, locating permanent housing, exploring summer education opportunities, and participating in cultural and recreational events centered around enrichment and life skills development.

“Frequently, the young people in our program rely on packaged food and snacks because they don’t have access to fresh food that can be more expensive,” said Ronda Chasteen, Valley Youth House Program Supervisor in Perry County.  “Grant funding from the Partnership for Better Health will ensure that our clients have access to healthy and nutritious food, regardless of their current living situations.”

Valley Youth House expresses gratitude to the Partnership for Better Health for their generous support in addressing the critical issue of youth homelessness and food insecurity in Perry County. The organization remains committed to making a positive impact on the lives of these young individuals, empowering them with the necessary skills and resources for a brighter future.

About the Partnership for Better Health

The Partnership for Better Health ( is a nonprofit community foundation that works collaboratively with key stakeholders throughout all of Perry County and parts of Cumberland, Adams and Franklin Counties to positively influence the lives of our neighbors. In concert with local and regional organizations, they seek to promote responsible health practices and enhance access to affordable, quality health care for all. Through community investment, engagement and good stewardship, they foster sustainable solutions to some of today’s toughest health challenges.

About Valley Youth House

Valley Youth House ( does more than just provide homes for Pennsylvania’s vulnerable, abused, and homeless youth. We partner with thousands of individuals each year to build a solid foundation for young people and their families. With dedicated street outreach, housing, counseling, skills training, health, prevention, and intervention services, we empower resilient young people in establishing promising futures.