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Photography by Kimberly Kanuck & Review by Janel Spiegel


Live Nation Presents MINISTRY and Gary Numan, and Front Line Assembly (FLA)

The Service Electric Stage at Wind Creek Event Center

Wednesday, March 20, 2024


77 Wind Creek Blvd

Bethlehem, PA 18015

Wind Creek was INTENSE tonight. Mother Nature decided to keep it chilly, and besides the wind, if you were listening you may have heard some incredible music from three iconic bands. That’s right folks, Wind Creek was alive and I’m pretty sure they heard the music, and the crowd in New Jersey. People from all walks of life, and all ages attended tonight’s show at Wind Creek Event Center. The second day of the Spring Equinox, what a better way to celebrate than completely ROCKING out with MINISTRY, Gary Numan, and Front Line Assembly.

Front Line Assembly opened the show, and they absolutely killed it. (FSA’s) past and present band members are: Michael Balch, Rhys Fulber, Jeremy Inkel, Bill Leeb, Chris Peterson, and Jared Slingerland. (FSA) has been around since the 1980s and they continue to bring it… (A little trivia I was told, the band prefers the spelling this way: Front Line Assembly.) You can also hear some of the impact Front Line Assembly has on several bands. The BAND HAD SUCH GOOD ENERGY. Hearing Bill Leeb, and hearing him play a main drum was incredible.

A few of the songs they performed included: “Vigilante,” “Deadened,” and “Millenium.”

Gary Numan performed next, and took it to the next level. Gary Numan’s wide variety of eclectic, and beautifully haunting music just made the night better. His presence is so powerful. The goth rock, synth-pop, new wave… It varies so much. Gary Numan has been making and creating music since the 1970s. He just goes with the flow, and everyone in the crowd was just ecstatic. Our section was having a blast.

Concerts are AMAZING. Wind Creek is just incredible. The staff, security, the Bethlehem Police. Every single person works so hard to keep everyone safe, and to keep everything moving.

A few songs the Incomparable Gary Numan performed included: “Love Hurt Bleed,” “Cars,” “Haunted,” “Pray for the Pain You Serve,” and so many more. It was BEYOND out of this GALAXY.

I tried to walk around since I was in General Admission. I wound up talking to people, and just having a blast. I also tried to watch the stage set-ups and breakdowns. As the crews came out, and set up, and then took down all the equipment.

MINISTRY’s crew started to set up, and THE CREW CAN PLAY! They were rocking on the drums, bass, and guitar. MINISTRY is Monte Pittman, John Bechdel, Paul D’Amour, Al Jourgensen, Roy Mayorga, and Cesar Soto. MINISTRY was “born in 1981 in Chicago.” MINISTRY was a lifetime passion project by the ICONIC FOUNDER, Al Jourgensen. They often refer to Al as the pioneer of industrial music.

(I also noticed quite a few Mr. Bungle, and Faith No More t-shirts. Including my own, Mr. Bungle t-shirt. Lots of Skinny Puppy t-shirts too.) MINISTRY has so many incredible albums, and they continue to release new music. They performed songs from legendary albums including: The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste, Moral Hygiene, and more. MINISTRY is one-of-a-kind. The strobe light madness, all of us headbanging, and SCREAMING OUR LUNGS OUT! MINISTRY took us above and beyond. They were wild, fun, LOUD, and we ALL LOVED IT. A beautiful mosh pit started along with a few crowd surfers. A friend of mine advised her was in between “Odin, and Jesus, and he LOVED IT.”

A few of the songs MINISTRY performed included: “N.W.O.,” “Stigmata,” “Jesus Built My Hotrod,” “New Religion,” “Alert System,” and more. They also performed “Thieves” which the CROWD LOST IT for that song.

Each band had different backgrounds flashing on the screens behind them. It was a blast. If your headbanging with friends, sweating, singing, screaming your lungs out, and your body is VIBRATING from THE MUSIC, it was an AMAZING night. The lights, the mosh pit, the people, Wind Creek, and all the beautiful energy from all the awesome souls roaming around was beyond out of this GALAXY incredible. If you get a chance GO AND SEE MINISTRY, GARY NUMAN, and FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY as many times as YOU CAN! DO IT. It’s chaos in the best possible way EVER. I’m so HAPPY THEY CAME TO WIND CREEK.