Chester County Studio Tour to Feature 202 Artists in 76 Studios!

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2024 Chester County Studio Tour

Announces 14th Annual Event

May 18-19, 2024

Featuring 202 Artists in 76 Studios Across Chester County

The annual Chester County Studio Tour is returning for its 14th year as an exhilarating weekend of art buying throughout Chester County, Pennsylvania. What began with just 25 artists and 12 studios has blossomed into a spectacular showcase featuring 202 artists in 76 studios. Widely regarded as a major event that highlights the creative arts commerce in Chester County, the festivities will take place May 18-19, 2024.

“Each spring, our tour sparks the community with the abundance of talent that our artists display, eagerly sharing their creativity,” said Jeff Schaller, Founder of the Chester County Studio Tour. “In a world of fleeting digital images and Artificial Intelligence, the studio tour stands as a beacon of authentic, personal connection. The tour is more than viewing art; it’s about experiencing art in a way that can enrich your life, and the life of an artist, while creating a lasting impression for both.”

The County Studio Tour was created by Schaller with both artists and art enthusiasts in mind. It provides emerging and professional artists with a platform to exhibit their work and their creative spaces (i.e.–the studio). Some of the featured artists are just starting to share their work, while others are pursuing art as a second career, or creating purely for joy. These artists represent a diverse range of backgrounds and styles. For some, this tour is their sole opportunity to connect with the public, while others showcase their work in galleries or travel the country for art fairs and exhibits.

To date, thousands of art enthusiasts have toured local studios as part of the event.  Visitors are offered an opportunity to delve into artists’ creative processes in a casual, impactful way that transcends normal gallery interaction.  Studios will exhibit painting, sculpture, jewelry, photography, clay, glass, paper and fiber. All artists will be present to interact with buyers and attendees.

Visitors are encouraged to design their own self-guided tour with the Chester County Studio Tour’s new interactive website. By visiting, visitors can click the “add to Itinerary” button of their favorite artists, and have Google Maps and Tolsdorf Oil Lube Express plot the most efficient route, providing turn-by-turn directions to each chosen studio. For those short on time, the tour has designed a new “Find 5!” feature, which will find the five closest studios for the visitor. Members of the public can also start with a studio close to their starting point, or anywhere they like, by using a convenient map.

The County Collector Series will again be offered in 2024 and sponsored by Pook & Pook, Dovetail Auctions. The public can collect an original framed 6” x 6” piece of art for the special price of $90.00. Two-dimensional artists have created original works of art in a 6” x 6” frame. The County Studio Tour wants to make art affordable for everyone and wants to show that art can be everywhere. Whether this is one’s first time buying original art or you are a seasoned collector, the tour has something for everyone. With the County Collectors Club, art is within reach. A photo of each work in this series is included in the catalogue and displayed on the website.

The 2024 Chester County Studio Tour is proudly sponsored by Citadel; the tour is free and open to the public, Saturday, May 18 from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and Sunday, May 19 from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Please visit for a map, artist and studio listings, and the catalogue.  Handicapped accessible studios are marked on the studio pages in the catalogue and on the website. Email or call 610.942.9629 for further information.

More about the Chester County Studio Tour:

The Chester County Studio Tour isn’t just an event; it’s an experience that can add deep meaning to the lives of both patrons and artists. It is more than viewing art; it’s about experiencing art in a way that can enrich your life, and the life of an artist, while creating a lasting impression on both. Here is how:

  • Connection: The tour fosters connections between artists and viewers. By engaging with artists about their work, visitors gain insight into their creative processes, inspirations, and life stories. These interactions can be profoundly enriching, offering new perspectives and forging meaningful connections.

  • Inspiration: The passion and dedication of the artists can be incredibly inspiring. It may encourage visitors to pursue their own creative interests or simply to appreciate the beauty and value of art in a deeper way.

  • Community: The tour brings together people from all walks of life who share a love for art. A sense of community is nurtured; viewers and artists can interact to celebrate creativity and artistic expression.

  • Reflection: Art has the power to evoke deep emotions and provoke thought. As visitors explore the various studios and artworks, they may find themselves reflecting on their own lives, values, and experiences, influencing  an inner sense of personal creativity.

  • Legacy: By supporting local artists and engaging with their work, patrons become a part of their artistic journey. Patronage and appreciation can have a lasting impact, inspiring artists to continue creating and contributing to the cultural richness of the community.

Information provided to TVL by:
Bryan Buttler