Allentown School District Expands Transit Access Partnership with LANTA

ALLENTOWN, PA — Over the last two years, the Allentown School District’s partnership with LANTA has provided safe and dependable transportation for thousands of Allentown students.

Under the partnership, the School District provides funding to LANTA to allow ASD students to access LANtaBus services using their ASD Student ID. Not only does the service get students to and from school, but the partnership allows students to use LANTA 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with an ID provided by the District to all destinations served by LANTA.

The service provides added flexibility for students arriving early or late for school, remaining for after-school, activities and sports, returning for evening activities, or getting to and from work, cultural events, internships, and dual enrollment opportunities. As evidence of its success, in the current school year, the average school day ridership for Allentown School District students on LANTA is approximately 2,000, which is an increase of 600 students from the 2022-2023 school year.

Starting in the 2024-25 school year, ASD eligible students in grades 6-12 attending Roberto Clemente Charter School, Executive Education Academy Charter School, and Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School will have the same access to LANtaBus services by using an ASD issued ID. This is an expansion of the same service that has been successful for Allentown School District secondary students during the past two school years. LANTA will be used as the exclusive transportation for secondary students.

In addition to being safe and dependable and allowing for flexibility for students and families. The use of LANTA services provides for improved efficiencies and cost savings for the Allentown School District as 100% of the cost is covered by State subsidy, to the benefit of Allentown taxpayers.


Information provided to TVL by:
Chuck Genna
Media Relations Coordinator
Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority