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Review & Photography by: Diane Fleischman

It was a night to get dressed up to enjoy fashion and fun for the Second Annual Peoples’ Ball, which was held at the Crayola Gallery in Bethlehem. This year’s exhibition, Refash, and was curated by Bethlehem resident, designer, Barbara Kavchok.
Lining the walls around the room was an exhibition of repurposed sustainable trashion from local and international designers. Kavchok explained she wanted more meaning and purpose, to create art that resonates. As she best summed up,  “It explains the relationship between clothing and consumption.” Kavchok concluded with her most important point, “Never forget that if we all don’t dress alike, we all don’t have to think alike.”
Clementina Martinez Masarweh created the mermaid-like dress in the exhibition. The materials used were secondhand textile waste, biodegradable fashion, plants and recycled paper.
Barbara Kavchok also had a couple of dresses on display, a crowd favorite was the black cocktail dress made from vhs tape and sequins.
Serving as the hostesses for the evening were Lisa Harms, Artsquest Sr Director of Visual Arts and Education and assistant Ally Brown. These two enthusiastic ladies kept the party going, as they covered the events of the evening, offering introductions to the models and judges, and fun banter between them.
For the modeling event, there were three categories, Best Handmade Piece, that had to be at least 50% handmade. The Best Overall Look, and Best Emerging Designer, for someone who has been working in the industry for five years or less.
One by one, the models walked to the judges table, where they gave a brief description of their piece.  The models in the first category, Best Handmade Piece, were: Cassidy Ayers, Inga Wismer, Leslie Bauman, Madi Bauman, and Daphne Laudy (winner).
In the second category, Best Overall Look, Regina Gourniak, wore a gown inspired by the delicate beauty of a dragonfly.  Interestly, the entire ensemble was made from donations to the Better Buy Thrift Shop, at the Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Wyandotte and 3rd Street. The designer is Sally Snyder, and the piece contains two dresses, a pair of slacks, a child’s petticoat, necklace, bracelet, belt, purse, shoes, and a placemat for a hat.
The models who followed were Eunice Brady, Cavan Mulligan, and Joshua Jamie (winner).
In the last category, Best Emerging Designer, Janel Shelly led with a black gown adorned by brown wood pieces, placed on the front and back of gown. The wood was from Martin Guitars. Alexa Nicole Villafana, wore a strapless gown that had a former life as a throw rug (winner), and Jennifer Schwartz who closed the event with a decorate hat.
The event was catered by Cathy’s Caterers, and the music was provided by DJ Highland.
All and all, it was a night of great fun, that celebrated art, style, and this community. Next year’s Peoples’ Ball will be held at Artsquest, while the Banana Factory undergoes construction.