Moravian Academy Hosts “Summer Slide” Parent Education Sessions Starting June 3

Moravian Academy Hosts “Summer Slide” Parent Education Sessions Starting June 3 The school’s “Early Literacy Night” series provides information on practical strategies for supporting continued literacy achievement in children during summer break.

BETHLEHEM, Pa. (May 30, 2024) — Studies show that students present signs of learning loss during summer break, and differences in children’s summer learning experiences during their early years can ultimately impact whether they earn a high school diploma or continue to college. According to a recent study, kids may lose up to 20% of reading proficiency and 27% of math during the summer months. The study emphasizes the impact of summer break on students’ academic retention and highlights the importance of continued learning activities during this period to mitigate these losses. Summer Slide is not a new phenomenon, but COVID has exacerbated learning retention. Summer offers many opportunities to maintain and even improve skills. Family involvement helps connect and motivate children to find success.

To help support the community around this issue, Moravian Academy, a top private college preparatory school in Lehigh Valley, announced a free educational series open to all parents and guardians. Designed for preschool through second-grade children, the series will present ways to support continued literacy achievement. The first “Early Literacy Night” is on Monday, June 3, at 6:30 p.m. in the Benigna Auditorium of Moravian Academy’s Historic Downtown Campus.

“Parents play a critical role in nurturing their child’s early literacy skills, laying the foundation for a lifetime of reading success,” said Moravian Academy’s Historic Downtown Campus Assistant Director Dr. Sara Vanderbeck. “Our ‘Early Literacy Night’ series is designed to educate guardians on summer learning loss, preparing them with fun, practical tools and strategies to combat its effects. Summer is a magical time for kids and families, and we hope to foster opportunities for engagement and connection.”

During the series, Vanderbeck and third-grade teacher Megan Terry will explore the philosophy behind fostering early literacy skills and the foundational importance of the parental role in supporting their children’s reading journey. They will offer simple, effective ways to involve children in everyday tasks that build on literacy skills, allowing them to return to school refreshed and ready.

During the session, participants will:

‒ Learn the fundamentals of reading and the brain, understanding how phonological and phonemic awareness activities lay the groundwork for reading success.

‒ Discuss practical techniques to facilitate their child’s letter sound mastery and contribute to overall reading development.

‒ Grasp the significance of letter formation practice in strengthening handwriting fluency and enhancing reading proficiency.

The series highlights the essential role of practical and multisensory approaches demonstrating how such techniques improve letter recognition and cultivate a deeper understanding of language, paving the way for lifelong literacy skills.

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