Consulting engineers for the City of Allentown will present their findings from a study of the Livingston Watershed Stormwater Collection system on Wednesday, October 29. The public is invited to attend the presentation which will be held at 6pm at West End Youth Center at 848 N. 20th Street.

The Livingston Watershed is comprised of an area of some 4.6 square miles with 23.8 miles of drainage conduits.

T&M Associates with offices in Bethlehem was retained last year after an intense 40 minute storm on Thursday, August 29 resulted in widespread street flooding in the city’s West End.

Since then the city has taken significant actions to address the complicated hydrologic/hydraulic drainage issue. Those actions have included increased cleaning of inlets in the West End, more aggressive leaf collection, and comprehensive videoing and monitoring of the storm water system.

Over the past year in the Livingston Watershed city crews have replaced six stormwater inlets and performed minor repairs on 13 more inlets, cleaned 102 stormwater inlets, removed debris from inlets and pipes, used a television camera to examine more than 13,000 feet of pipe, replaced 54 feet of pipe and repaired a manhole at the intersection of Early and Lafayette streets.

T&M Associates was tasked with conducting a hydrologic/hydraulic engineering study to develop recommendations to upgrade and improve the Livingston Watershed Stormwater Collection system. The work included:

•Analyzing watersheds, starting with areas having significant exposure to residential flooding;

•Model 2, 10, 25, and 100-year design storms to determine runoff rates and volumes, water surface profiles, channel velocities and inundated/affected areas;

•Developing viable options for addressing identified flooding problems and issues associated with those options (regulatory, physical, property ownership, etc.); and

•Provide analysis of the risk and the reduction of risk due to the mitigation project.

Representatives of T&M Associates will deliver a PowerPoint presentation followed by a question and answer period with those in attendance.
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