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Mission Statement

Executive Education Academy Charter School’s mission is to implement a leadership academy and business education model that engages students in the school community, prevents them from dropping out of school, fosters self-resiliency, and prepares them to be contributing members in the workplace, college, and the community.


Our Vision

One of our main goals is to close the achievement gap for all learners through shared decision-making, a rigorous curriculum, and student mobility based upon individual achievement, parent involvement, smaller class size, and highly qualified staffing. It is therefore, our vision that with the successful integration of business and leadership education into the instructional program, students at Executive Education Academy Charter School will learn from and will contribute to the business arena on many levels.  Our partnerships with businesses and mentorship  programs with community organizations will provide a unique educational experience for students to be successful in the business world.  Our leadership program will develop students’ soft skills, so that they will excel in areas of management, communication, and sustainability.

Moreover, and most importantly our model addresses student resiliency.  Students at risk of academic failure often face a complexity of problems due to poverty, health, and other social conditions that have made it difficult for them to succeed in school. The construct of “educational resilience” is not viewed as an attribute but as something that can be promoted by focusing on “alterable” factors that can impact an individual’s success in school. This approach does not focus on attributes such as ability, because ability has not necessarily been found to be a characteristic of resilient students. There are, several factors that have been found to influence resiliency in children.

•Social competence

•Problem-solving skills


•A sense of purpose

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