Color For Kids – Local Nonprofit Spotlight


For young children, pencil, brush and paper are the best means of conveying their fondest hopes and most profound fears. Now imagine a classroom where there are either no art supplies or so limited that the whole class has to share one box of crayons.

This is not only a sad thought but it is a sad reality for some children. Thankfully one child, one caring girl from right here in our area has taken up a quest to solve this problem. She is 4th grader Bethany Kuster, and her charity is “Color For Kids”.

She discovered that another 4th grade class did not have any art supplies for their children. After asking her classmates to help collect supplies for the other class room the foundation of her organization was formed. She now collects and distributes supplies to class rooms around the state, the country, and around the world. Bethany and “Color For Kids” has given out more than 66,532 crayons to thousands of kids, not to mention thousands of other art supplies that have been distributed as well!!! 

If you would like to find out more about how to help Bethany with her mission, please visit: