The Valley Ledger looks forward to sharing articles from our newest contributor Louis Holzman


He will bring us a fresh look at technologies and how they apply to our life/businesses along with many other useful and insightful articles to help us survive in this fast paced digital age.

His jack-of-all-trades history began, as many do, at a startup tech firm where he ended up opening and operating a new branch of the business. Everything from sales to business development to marketing to PR to finance were all a part of his M.O. Although Louis has a BS of Science in athletic training from West Chester University, he has always found himself building teams and businesses, even starting a nutrition-based affiliate marketing company while still in college. Louis’s open mind and desire to help solve complex problems makes him especially valuable to potential Altitude clients. Each prospect is looking for a marketing agency that can help them meet their unique business challenges and Louis is dedicated to thoroughly assessing not only what they’re asking for, but what they need – and whether or not Altitude is the right tool for the job. Connecting people, places and things come so naturally that when not at the office Louis can still be found supporting community building and non-profit efforts within his personal sphere including downtown revitalization efforts, Chamber of Commerce initiatives and more. Either that or performing behind the drum set as a key member of the band The Front End, shooting hoops, writing for a local publication and house hunting – although, admittedly, not all at the same time.
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