Concert Review By: Janel Spiegel
Photography By: Kimberly Kanuck


Bethlehem September 15, 2016 – Rob Zombie has become a Rock N Roll legend over the years. He is a multi-talented musician, singer-songwriter, screenwriter, film director, producer and record producer. He has directed his own films including: “The Devil’s Rejects,” “House of 1000 Corpses,” and his current film “31.” He also was one of the founding members of White Zombie and to those that really know his work. He has a great love and appreciation for the Horror genre. He has created some of the most visually incredible music videos and his films are just as amazing.

Tonight, however Rob Zombie took over the Sands Bethlehem Event Center and had every person in the venue on their feet. His opening act was DJ Ginger Fish Check out his Facebook page:

Rob Zombie started at around 9:00 PM and he just blew everyone away. He played some of his legendary songs including “Dragula,” “P**** Liquor,” “Meet The Creeper,” “Get Your Boots On,” “Sick Bubble-Gum,” “Superbeast” and the most energetic crowd jumped and sang along and repeated lines from songs that have been around for twenty plus years. He even threw in a White Zombie classic in which the crowd went bonkers! “More Human than Human.” His guitar player threw a little homage to the legend that is Jimi Hendrix by playing his guitar backwards for “The Star-Spangled Banner” (John Stafford Cover) in which so many people around me just stood as tall as they could and several men near me placed their hands over their hearts.

It is truly amazing the power music has. Rob Zombie was playful with the audience and brought out giant balls, aliens and a fan whom said she “just LOVES ROB ZOMBIE!” His Guitar player John Five was absolutely awesome. He did such a good solo piece. On Bass was Piggy D, Zeuss on Keyboards and Programming, Ginger Fish was doing drums and DJ work
Rob Zombie also showed many different clips and visuals from his music videos and his films. His visuals are always stunning and unique. He of course also included Sherri Moon Zombie whom starred in several films and the clips. He had the audience in the palm of his hands and the man came back out for four encores. The crowd started chanting ZOMBIE and he actually came back out! Several people had started to leave but quickly stopped in their tracks as soon as they heard the music to start to play again. He came back out again. Then the lights dimmed and once again a few people started to make their way out but you slowly heard the intense beat and he came out again! “One more!” He thanked Bethlehem and as usual the staff and security were incredible to everyone. They assisted with any questions, they helped people get to where they needed to be and Sands is efficient. If you have not yet been to the Sands Event Center I would highly recommend you attend. The fans were incredible. Everyone seemed to be having an absolute blast! Make sure to check out the links below to keep up to date with Rob Zombie and Sands Event Center.

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