Proposed improvements to Stevens Playground in the City of Allentown will be discussed during a public meeting on Wednesday, January 14 at 5pm at the Recreation Office at 3000 Parkway Boulevard.  The Department of Parks & Recreation asks those interested to RSVP to the Recreation office at 610-437-7750 if they plan to attend.

A second public meeting will be held in the area of Stevens Playground sometime in February. The date and site have not yet been determined.

Renovations to the playground will be completed by December 2015

The department will also conduct a meeting to update the public on planned improvements to Jackson Street Playground on Tuesday, January 20 at 5pm at the Recreation Office.  Activity will be starting this winter at that site.

Press Release Provided by:
Mike Moore
Communications Manager
Mayor’s Office
435 Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18101