Super Prop Pool

Winner Takes All Super Prop Pool

Did you miss our College Bowl Contest? Here is another chance for you to test your luck. We are collaborating with to sponsor a Super Prop Pool…

It is simple to play. There are is a list of questions about the Super Bowl pick the most correct answers and you win! Just in case of a tie we built in a tiebreaker question, choose how many total points you think the two teams combined will score. The person with the closest guess will be the winner of those who maybe tied for first place.

So what is up for grabs this time? For every ten people that join the pool we are going to add 25 dollars to a Fanatics Gift card. Then you can go to and pick your favorite sports teams gear.

If you have not already, sign up at to create a free user profile. Then select the public prize pool called “Super Prop Pool”.

Let’s Recap: Sign Up, Play, Winner Takes All…