Chaos to Calm: About Family… By Carrie Beleno


Does family sometimes make you feel as if you’re hanging upside down, holding on for dear life?

This is the fourth in a five-part series this week about the topics that motivate my clients to see me, the topics that weigh heaviest on their hearts and prevent them from living life to its fullest. It is my hope that just one nugget of my truth resonates with your soul and brings you comfort…

About Family…

Truth #1: Our souls (and our families’ souls) knew exactly what they were doing when you all contracted to be born together. The conversation went something like this: “OK dear, so this may be a bit of a bumpy ride. I’m going to go through x, y, z and your dad is going to react like x, y, z and then we’re all going to do x, y, z…” and your response was: “Yay! That’s sounds like an adventure that will help me declare who I am and what I love. I’m IN!”

And so it began.

Honor the choices and journeys that your family members choose to experience, just like you’d want them to honor your choices. It’s their play, let them live it as their souls see fit. continue

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