Do You Food Crush?

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I don’t know about you, but every once and a while I find a food that just speaks to me and I eat it and eat it and eat it.

Last November into the middle of December it was guacamole and blue corn chips. I was eating it almost every day until I went to Costa Rica and experienced limons, (not available in the US, but a cross between a lemon and a lime that just changes the playing field like you can’t even imagine) and then I ate it every day because we made a huge bowl every afternoon with the freshest of ingredients ever. Sadly, now, I’m a bit disappointed in just a plain lime and haven’t enjoyed it as much.

Last summer it was bacon, Swiss, mushroom and asparagus omelets; still my favorite breakfast, but I’ve reduced it to maybe once a week. Before that it was polenta with a sage butter parmesan sauce.

But Now? Right now I am addicted to B.A.D Farms Raw Milk Greek Yogurt. I will apologize now if you are a part of the population that can’t tolerate dairy products because this is the most amazing thick creamy delicious creation…ever!!!

farmer's market set up

Beth and Dave Rice have a dairy farm in Kempton, PA just a short distance off of Hawk Mountain Rd. I met them for the first time at the Easton Farmers Market’s Weyerbacher Wednesday where they were set up next to a friend’s stand. The Rice’s are so nice that it was easy to start up a conversation. They obviously love what they do because it comes out in every bite or sip of their food.

B.A.D. Farms offers all sorts of delicious things…drinkable yogurts, beautiful brown eggs, raw milk, all sorts of beef cuts that come from their herd, creamy delicious cheeses in at least a dozen varieties, (we used their Monterey Jack cheddar in our chicken fajitas on Wednesday night) and while I was at their little “farm shed” I saw that they also have a nice variety of preserves, pickled veggies and baked goods for sale too.

BAD Farms Cheese yogurt drinks





Okay, enough about all the other amazing stuff they offer, let’s get back to the yogurt. The truth is I’m not actually a huge fan of Greek yogurt. I actually think it is too thick and I’m not a fan of the awkward zip it is has so I don’t buy it in the grocery store. But here’s what happens when you are at a market and you want something healthy and quick to hold you over until you get the rest of your market bounty home to make dinner, you walk up to nice people and buy their yogurt, the fact that they have plastic spoons available just made it better.


Did I mention that they top their yogurt with fruit too? Uh, yeah…blueberries, black cherries, strawberries, peaches and I even think raspberries. I think I went blueberry for the first time, I’m not even sure anymore because I’ve had them all now. But here’s the thing, that first bite was heaven. I kind of looked at Beth and was like, um, hello…are you sure this is yogurt? If I would have closed my eyes while eating it I would have sworn someone had switched out my cup with a slice of my sister Diane’s cheesecake. Now don’t get me wrong, my sister’s cheesecake is crazy delicious, but she only makes it a few times a year. Now when I want cheesecake, I just have to do what I love to do, visit Farmer’s Markets or go for a ride in the country and BAM! I’ve got fresh “cheesecake” in the form of a healthy Greek Yogurt.

The yogurt is very versatile, I think it could be a great substitute for Mascarpone, I think that it would make a delicious filling with some cherries in chocolate ravioli as a dessert, I think I’m going to use the plain yogurt that I bought to make French onion dip by adding some sautéed onions and a little garlic for crudite or thick cut chips or on top of a baked potato. I have also been toying with taking wonton or egg roll wrappers and using the pre-fruited yogurt as a filling, deep frying it and dusting them with powdered sugar as a decadent crispy spin on Danish. Or Or Or what if you spread it on a fresh slice of ciabatta, topped it with some house made cranberry orange sauce and roasted turkey and stuck it in a Panini press????

But until I do all of that, I’m just going to sit here and revel in the delicious, smooth creamy decadence while I eat breakfast…ooh, did we talk about topping it with granola? Sorry, sometimes I just can’t contain my food crushes.


You can find the Rice’s selling their great stuff at a few places around the Valley besides their farm shed. Check them out at the Emmaus Farmer’s Market as well as the Easton Farmer’s Markets.

See you next week!

Hugs and garlic,



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