Create Your Home Base

Last article, we looked at how to set up your office-on-the-go for working with clients or meeting with colleagues. With an attaché or backpack stocked with the essentials you’re ready to conduct business anywhere around the valley.

After your adventure, you’ll return home, probably with a bag filled with the odds and ends of a day’s work. How well does your office support you when you land? The key to staying organized on the road is a home base that is equipped with your supplies and space to let you get ready for the next day. Here are some techniques I use to keep my clients organized between appointments.

  • Create a charging station. Pick a place near an outlet with enough space for all your devices. Use a power strip if necessary. When you come home, plug in your cell phone, tablet, and laptop. This ensures that tomorrow all your communications devices will be fully charged and easy to find.
  • Set up a good filing system. I’m a fan of the FreedomFiler because it is color-coded and simple to use. Most of my entrepreneurial clients can set up a solid, functioning filing system in a two-drawer cabinet. I expect that as mobile technology gets even easier to use, this amount of space will continue to decrease. With a simple filing system, you’ll be able to return files from your bag, and easily pull the ones you need for tomorrow.
  • Designate a place for supplies. A desk drawer or two is usually sufficient. You will need to restock pens, sticky notes, and business cards from time to time. Keep your supplies together and restocking will be a breeze.

Finally, get into the habit of resetting your bag after you come home. Clean out the trash, return files, and restock as needed. Then relax for the evening and get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow morning, all you’ll have to do is grab your bag and get on the road.

Live simply,