Carmel Kitchen

Lehigh Valley’s Newest Restaurant Is Sure To Quickly Become A Local Favorite

Mediterranean cuisine meets the freshest local ingredients with a dining experience that allows you to set your own pace. 

It has been a long time since the west side of Allentown had a restaurant worth getting excited about. The Carmel Kitchen & Wine Bar provides an amazing dining experience that is sure to please many here in the Lehigh Valley.

My wife and I set out to enjoy a quite diner date at Carmel Kitchen & Wine Bar. We were warmly greeted by the staff and escorted to our table. The server promptly introduced himself and offered to explain how to make the most of the digital menu that was presented on a tablet. He also explained that help was just a tap away by clicking on the server tab on the menu. He helped us order our drinks as he showed us how to use the self-serve menu. The digital menu was great, it offered descriptions and photo previews of everything on the menu. The best part was even though the restaurant was very busy we were able to place our orders without having to wait to tell the servers. With a swipe and a few taps on the menu, our appetizer order was sent to the kitchen. The entire staff worked together to ensure each customer was having an enjoyable experience. I never had to wait for a refill, or wait to pass information on to someone to order our meals. We were able to take our time exploring the menu without feeling as if we had to rush to make a decision so we could catch our server like at most restaurants. Service alone was enough reason to return, but it gets better…

From the first bite of my appetizer my senses where racing with excitement. The smell, flavor, and texture of local ingredients that are prepared fresh daily over whelmed my taste buds. It was not just the fact that it was fresh, but more the combination of the right ingredients brought together to create something so enjoyable. I do not consider myself a foodie or an expert. I do consider myself thoroughly satisfied by the creation that made its way to our table. With a few more swipes and after reviewing the menu a little deeper we choose our entrees. My only difficulty was pulling myself away from the appetizer.

I was wondering if the peak of the meal was going to be what had already been severed. How could you top the flavor explosion that just occurred? Could they? Well they did. Before I even took a bite, the seasoning was warmly wafting from the plate teasing my senses yet again. The portions where enough that I was not worried about if I would still be hungry, but I still took a small fork full of this amazing dish so that I could, somehow, make this sensational dish last longer.

The only thing left to do was make a few more swipes on the tablet and cap this amazing experience off with dessert. Again, we were left with nothing but satisfied taste buds. My wife had asked how they created such an amazing dessert. The staff explained the process they use each day to hand make the dessert that she had choose.

I have spent a lot of money and not had a meal half as satisfying. I had to ask how they could provide such amazing food at such reasonable prices. The answer was fresh local products, in house portion and quality control, and the desire not to inflate prices.

All of that leads to a great product that can be offered at a price that does not sower the experience. To top it off they even have a rewards card that you can earn points for discounts on future visits. By combining fresh products, technology, amazing recipes, rewards, and a relaxed atmosphere, they have created something that will keep me coming back for more!

I purposely did not tell you what we ordered. I want you to discover your own bliss at Carmel Kitchen & Wine Bar. They are located at 3750 Hamilton Blvd. across from Dorney Park. You can make reservations online at or by calling 484.350.3147

Quick info about Carmel Kitchen & Wine Bar

Hours: Mon – Thurs: 4:00pm – 10:00pm | Fri – Sat: 4:00pm – 11:00pm | Sun: 4:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: 3750 Hamilton Blvd. Allentown, PA 18103

Service: Well-versed, personable and enthusiastic.


Phone: 484.350.3147

Review Written By: J. Thompson