Men & Women of Lehigh Valley Health & Wellness Series

Hello Lehigh Valley, I truly enjoy meeting these selected candidates and I am more than pleased and honored to introduce the hottest name in The Lehigh Valley Fitness Network, Scott Mulvaney. He is an amazing force working toward unifying the community and local businesses together to benefit us all and bringing about a greater standard for us local fitness professionals to uphold and embrace as a whole.

Scott Mulvaney“Some quick history, I grew up in the farming world in my youth. So obviously no shortage of hard work, chores, etc. I even had a part time job at age 14 working at another bigger farm 10 miles away that I’d ride my bike to. Love cycling. We had a garden and fresh eating practices before “clean eating”, “all natural”, and “organic” ever needed to exist. I took my crack at school sports including baseball and basketball when there was time. Eventually though I ended up acquiring discipline and passion for the martial arts at the Nazareth Karate Academy. That foundation took me to taking classes in mountain biking and downhill skiing at Penn State University. Two sports which I’m a huge participant and advocate for to this day.

I’ve spent years in the business world from startups to major time spent in the big corporate world. Over the years I acquired experience extending from management to corporate coaching, business analysis, sales and marketing. All while balancing my life through part time fitness professions including a Johnny G Certified Spinning Instructor, USSA Ski Race Coach, Independent Health Coach and more recently a CrossFit L1 Trainer. There’s even a unique 2 year career stint serving in public service as a federal Hotshot Wildland Firefighter with the US Forest Service. Leaving the corporate world to become a Hotshot Firefighter is also what led me to discovering CrossFit, a training foundation that kept us strong and fit for the job at hand.

I’ve worked and succeeded in all sizes of companies in and around the Lehigh Valley. My health and fitness experience has been in contract and independent roles for teaching spinning, coaching and more. I’ve personally experienced almost every style of health, wellness and fitness from the Lehigh Valley as well as from living in Arizona and Colorado. It’s knowledge from those states that I wish to bring back here to help the Lehigh Valley catch up to other healthier markets in this country. The biggest win for the Lehigh Valley is that I can tie my years from the professional business world, marketing education and the fitness experiences together to help build and launch new projects, like the new Lehigh Valley Fitness Network project. Check us out at

My personal brand, has been centered on the balance of business and the health/wellness/fitness industries. Being able to launch my inspiration driven business in 2014 and take it full time in 2015 has been powerful. Business and marketing solutions require vision, strategy, and firefighter dedication. Being able to relate and understand these industries as a marketing consultancy company is a necessity. Live The Fired Up Epic Life was inspired from years spent coaching others both personally and professionally. I’ve been able to take all of the fuel from Live The Fuel and use it to power the next generation of health, wellness, and fitness business networking for the Lehigh Valley, the new Lehigh Valley Fitness Network.

I chose this path to be able to truly live a more balanced, healthy, and successful lifestyle. Too many professionals are sacrificing their health and wellness to chase that hopeful success aka financial dream. Well, here’s a wakeup call, our “Health is our True Wealth”. It’s fun assisting, training, and educating other professionals to achieve their own balance and success in business and in life. Past colleagues, clients and friends know me as for having high energy, a positive mindset, and an adrenaline junkie obsession.

Summed up… I love to help others find their own path to Live The Fired Up Epic Life. Whether this be professionally or personally, both paths are intertwined. One of my earlier biggest challenges was running my first marathon and completing my first 150 mile cycling event in 2008. Being able to experience that perverbial wall and break through it is truly empowering. Everyone deserves to exceed their own limits to find all new paths to success. My biggest challenge and life changing achievement was the 2 year adventure serving and working as a Hotshot Wildland Firefighter with the Pleasant Valley Interagency Hotshot Crew based in Young, Arizona in 2010 and 2011.

It’s always fun to close out with sharing goals. So a short term one is to consistently grow my business through helping others grow theirs. Long term is to keep having to grow my bucket list since I keep checking off more and more items. I think it’s time to add some bigger bucket list items for Live The Fuel.

I truly believe that we all must continue to develop ourselves. To share my own development, it’s crucial to keep embodying the balance of my health and wellness initiatives while showing others how to do the same. It’s all one life, we must learn to balance everything. I’m hoping this new LVFN project will do the same for many other professionals here in the Lehigh Valley. My own career paths continue to morph and change. So I just roll with it and grow with it. Growing a bigger online presence to increase my audience is key to helping more people outside of the Lehigh Valley as well.

It all goes back to growing up on a farm as a kid. You learn to work hard while trying to fit in the fun. Years later you figure out the missing link of working smarter along with it. Thanks to the hard work on the farm, my health and fitness was always taken care of in my youth. So now in the professional world, it requires even more focus to ensure you get in your daily workouts, weekend warrior events and more. All this is foolish to attempt if you aren’t balancing your nutrition, love life, family, etc.

So what’s it like to work with Scott Mulvaney and Live The Fuel? As my clients tell me, “Your drive and energy is infectious, it seems limitless”.”

Consultant & Marketing Technologist
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