The Lehigh Valley Cares / Tell Us About Your Non-profit Organization

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We want to put the spotlight on the heart of the Lehigh Valley, it’s non-profit organizations, volunteers, and charitable businesses. Without the many non-profits, volunteers and charitable businesses the Lehigh Valley would not be the gem that it is. Help us highlight these great shining stars by submitting a story or listing about them.

Non-profits please provide the following; Organization name, website, social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, MySpace) tell us about your mission, how to get involved, a short wish list of things your organization needs, and contact information.

To recognize volunteers for their efforts please send us a story about the individual or group of individuals.

If you wish to give thanks to a company that makes charitable donations send us a story about how their contributions help the area.

Send your information along with any photos or other images you would like to add to

We will catalog  and list all of the stories on our site. We will also share the stories and information across our social media sites.