Healthy Vending Choices Continue To Gain Popularity In Lehigh Valley Workplaces

Snacky Matz Adds Crayola Facilities Three Healthy Vending Locations

Healthy Vending Choices Continue To Gain Popularity In Lehigh Valley Workplaces

Allentown, Pa. – Snacky Matz, the sole provider of healthy snacks and drinks in vending machines across the Lehigh Valley, is proud to announce that it is now providing three “Healthy Vending” machines to Crayola employees at two regional plants.

Snack Matz Manager Pete Ambrosino said the two vending machines have been placed at Crayola’s Church Lane plant and corporate headquarters and third is located at Crayola’s Brodhead Road plant.

“Research has shown that if people eat better, they feel better, and if they feel better, they can work better and enjoy more activities,” Ambrosino said. “We’re proud to offer Natural, Organic and Gluten Free choices to Crayola employees.”

Distribution has grown to more than two-dozen locations since the company was founded two years ago, including public venues such as the Bethlehem City Hall, Coordinated Health Surgical Center, the corporate offices for Coordinated Health, St. Luke’s West End Medical Center in South Whitehall Township, Gametime Velocity Sports in Breinigsville and Chevy 21 in Hellertown.

“The health and well-being of our employees is a priority for Crayola.  We strive to provide opportunities which help our employees make healthy lifestyle choices.  The Snacky Matz Healthy Vending machines align perfectly with our culture our wellness,” said Adrienne Nagy, a registered dietician and Wellness Specialist at Crayola. “Our second and third shift manufacturing employees rely heavily on the vending machines for snacks and meals.  The Snacky Matz Healthy Vending machines provide healthier options which these employees would not have otherwise.”

Snacky Matz offers healthy vending machines at no cost to schools and businesses. Founder and owner Terrie Matz said she gained a very personal understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle after learning she had celiac disease (a gluten allergy), which altered her life and convinced her to start opting for healthier food choices.

Snacky Matz offers more than 1,100 name-brand, all-natural items, many of which are gluten-free. Available items range from Havanna iced cappuccino, energy drinks and Alo Cranberry Pomegranate Juices to all-natural snacks, Clif bars and oatmeal to healthy entrees with optional side dishes.

“When we go into a business, organization or any new location one of the first things we do is host a ‘tasting’ so that people can sample the items,” Ambrosino said. “People who use the machines have a real say in what goes into the machines. We put our email address on each machine and we accept requests.”

In addition, Snacky Matz can monitor the machines remotely so Matz and Ambrosino know what is selling most or fastest and can ensure that refills are provided based on demand.

The machines accept cash and all major credit cards, they are ADA compliant and utilize a CFC free modular cooling system, which makes them eco-safe and energy efficient.

To learn more about Snacky Matz and healthy choices for your staff and visitors, please go to or call 610-972-5356.