Outdoor Installations Bring Cheer During COVID-19 Crisis

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Lehigh Valley Balloon Business Meets New Demand for Decorative Outdoor Milestones


LEHIGH VALLEY, PA – (IMMEDIATE RELEASE) – When all events were first canceled across the Lehigh Valley, Karen Ford, owner, BalloonWorks, a Lehigh Valley event decor specialist, felt the sting of the COVID-19 crisis.

“After 30 years of business, I thought I was going to lose everything,” recalls Ford. One of her first losses? A $600 balloon sculpture for a corporate client mandated to lock its doors just before St. Patrick’s Day in the Poconos.

Ford quickly morphed the possible loss with her entrepreneurial survival skills and posted photos of the whimsy green party prop on social media.  Instead of marketing one massive sculpture, she turned it into four balloon creations and immediately found buyers wanting to decorate their lawn with witty flair. The outdoor celebration craze was just beginning, she found.

Now, nearly six weeks later, Ford’s balloon business is busy as before.  But instead of creating giant arches, garlands, or massive balloon sculptures for trade shows, sporting events, or galas, the demand for artful installations in front yards, and other outdoor spaces, is growing.

  From birthday’s to newborn arrivals, anniversaries, and  virtual graduations, a decorative outdoor design helps people find cheer during drive-by gift drops, and other social distancing celebrations and greetings.

In the past, Ford has worked the New Year’s confetti drop in New York Times Square, created wedding decor for a Twitter executive, and served on the balloon team for the 2016 Democratic Convention.

However, rather than servicing about four large clients each week, the certified balloon artist now delivers outdoor installations to 20 to 40 residential customers each week.

Changes during the COVID-19 business model mean a few changes in how she conducts her work.  For instance, payment using apps like Venmo is highly appreciated. Or, rather than having small clients fill out extensive forms online, Ford instead prefers to communicate using her personal or business Facebook pages.

Sums Cari Herschman of Bethlehem, “If you are looking for a way to brighten someone’s day while in quarantine, I highly recommend the amazing yard arrangements and displays by BalloonWorks of Easton.”

For more information, http://eventsbyballoonworks.com/


Information and image provided by:
Tina Bradford
Writer/Public Relations/Social Media