Change Mind-sets and Empower Our Youth to Find Solutions to Current Social Problems

Photo by Caitlyn Kantner

Change Mind-sets and Empower Our Youth to Find Solutions to Current Social Problems

by: Saide Saddiq

Today’s world seems to be overwhelmed by hate, and it’s a shame that many of the most critical issues are being driven by divisiveness, ignorance, ego, and greed.

Our country is facing a major rift in power and culture, and when violence is used as a fuel for the fire, no solutions are ever found. Many of today’s problems have been faced before across generations and continents—evidence that history does indeed repeat itself—and with violence, there is no resolution.

With that said, I believe we are missing the bigger picture and we’re losing sight of the very root of all of our problems. For starters, the biggest issue is that we are overly focused on the problem, further feeding into its existence. If we begin to transfer our thinking toward … Click here to read more...



BETHLEHEM – August 30, 2016 – Making fresh, local food accessible to all Christmas City residents is at the core of the Bethlehem Food Co-op’s mission to bring a community-owned grocery store to the city’s downtown. Fran Molinari, owner of Molinari’s restaurant, shares that passion and is partnering with the Co-Op on a new scholarship program to help families on the Southside take ownership of the Co-Op.

The Molinari’s Southside Membership Scholarship Program is available specifically to Southside Bethlehem residents. Two scholarships for co-op memberships will be awarded each year to families who complete an application and meet requirements. Residents can pick up an application form at several locations in the city, including the Southside branch of the public library, the Boys & Girls Club, and the Hispanic Center, or may download it at:

The selection criteria require that the winning recipient must provide evidence of … Click here to read more...



LEHIGH VALLEY, PA – August 30, 2016 – As summer winds down, harvest season begins at the nine locally owned and operated wineries of the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail. It’s the time of year when all of spring and summer’s hard work pays off for these farmers. The grapes they have grown are removed from the vine and their juices extracted for fermenting into the 2016 vintage.

On Saturday, Sept. 10 and Sunday, Sept. 11, the wineries will celebrate the grape harvest with the Wine Trail’s annual Harvest Weekend event during which they will welcome wine lovers for a variety of different activities at each winery such as tastings, vineyard and winery tours, food and wine pairings, and live entertainment. They will also proudly promote the state’s “Pennsylvania Preferred” program by partnering with manufacturers of other Pennsylvania products to showcase their high level of quality. (See below for a … Click here to read more...

Lehigh Financial Group Arranges Financing For New Tripoli Hotel Purchase And Improvements


Catasauqua Tavern Owners Promise New Life For Lynn Township Landmark

Allentown, Pa.  – The historic New Tripoli Hotel has been rescued from several years of financial and proprietary woes thanks to the intervention of a Catasauqua couple that has purchased the building with financing arranged through Lehigh Financial Group of Allentown.

Jackie and Carl Harford, owners of Fossil’s Last Stand on Race Street in Catasauqua, purchased the Lynn Township landmark on Aug. 22 after managing it for several months for the previous owners. A grand re-opening is scheduled for Oct. 1 and will include live music at 5 and 9 p.m., Jackie Harford said.

The purchase not only restores the liquor license for the establishment, it allows the Harfords to move ahead with some much-needed physical improvements to the building, which includes the restaurant-bar, five boarding rooms and two apartments.

“The first thing we are doing is

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If You’re Not Online, You’re Not Relevant

Written By: Louis Holzman of Omne Solutions

There is a real shift going on in today’s society. Everything is becoming digital, robotic, and electronic. It makes life easier, or at least supposed to..right? Millions of people around the world are fascinated with how adaptive minded millennials use technology to their advantage. The thing is: we were born into and have grown up with technology so naturally we get it. Therefore those who want to keep up with the changing times and, especially within business, really need to evaluate their current business practices and process in relation to technology and the web. Those successful in business have adopted an open mind to the new opportunities the cyber world now offers our professions. 

Do a little market research. Go to your closest “downtown” and people watch. See where a lot of people are spending their time. I’m willing to bet an arm Click here to read more...

Trifecta Technologies Joins 3 Referral Partner Programs


Trifecta Technologies is proud to announce that it has joined the referral partner programs of MapAnything, Talkdesk, and Cirrus Insight.

The new strategic partnerships will allow Trifecta to bring even more comprehensive business functionality to its Salesforce clients.

MayAnything is a mapping and geo-analytics solution provider for Salesforce users. Talkdesk adds comprehensive call center functionality to the Salesforce platform, and Cirrus Insight brings key Salesforce functionality into Gmail and Outlook.

About Trifecta Technologies, Inc. 

For 25 years, Trifecta has been a trusted technology partner to its clients, building cloud solutions and custom software that improve employee productivity, engage customers, and demonstrate tangible ROI.

Based in Allentown, Pa., Trifecta also offers UI/UX design services, consultation with a team of technical experts and consultants, managed IT services, and training and support for its custom work.

Information Provided By:
Leanne Recla,
Senior Communications Coordinator
Trifecta Technologies





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Let’s Play Books! announces GoFundMe Campaign


Let’s Play Books! is an independent neighborhood bookstore located in the beautiful, historic Burough of Emmaus, in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley.

Even before our shop opened, Let’s Play Books! worked to foster a sense of community. Today, we host over 100 in-store events each year, serving as a dynamic cultural center and resource for the neighborhood. Our ever-expanding and devoted customer base hail from throughout the Lehigh Valley. We also partner with many community organizations and schools for offsite events.

It’s been almost three years since we opened our doors, and our bookstore is at a critical moment in time. We are relocating (just down the street – to 244 Main St.) to a larger space – a place that our experience tells us will be a perfect new home for our community bookshop. Our goal is to make our business sustainable, and we believe we can in our new

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Thousands flood T-Town for season finale at Valley Preferred Cycling Center


TREXLERTOWN, Pa. – The fans poured through the front gate, the grill at Vince’s Cheesesteaks sizzled for hours, the School’s Out Band rocked the plaza, and the Fireworks Extravaganza, presented by the Schmoyer Funeral Home, Trexler Funeral Home, and the J.S. Burkholder Funeral Home, sent everyone home with a smile on their face.

The 2016 World Series of Bicycling season ended on Friday night with the Madison Cup/Air Products Finals.

The feature event, the Madison Cup, was the final race of the 2016 season and was won by the team of Bobby Lea and Nich Stopler.

Additionally, there were five Air Products scratch races for the various categories of Air Products Developmental Cycling Programs. Jeshua Fairweather, Ryujin Jenson, Jamie Hibell, Isabell Staskowski, and Ian Siglag all won their respective races.

The Univest Rider of the Year competition was over before the night even began as Matt Rotherham of Great … Click here to read more...