Awarded Allentown Film Festival Director Tests the Boundaries of AI with Fully Generated AI Music Video Premiering at the 7th Annual Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival

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Writer, Director, Josiah James, Bridges Technology and Human Creativity for Iron and Wine’s “Beyond the Fence” Music Video


BETHLEHEM, PA – Josiah James, the visionary director behind last year’s award-winning short film “A Rare Dinner,” unveils his latest creation, a fully AI generated music video “Beyond the Fence,” premiering this Sunday at the 7th Annual Jim Thorpe Film Festival and screening at the historic Mauch Chunk Opera House located at 14 W Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA 18019.

Writer, director, comedian, and now, cinematic technologist, Josiah James uses an innovative approach to music video production experimenting with using artificial intelligence to create images based on the song lyrics of folk-rock artist Sam Beam’s (stage name, Iron and Wine) 2015 “Beyond the Fence.”

“’Beyond the Fence’ is an experimental endeavor that marries the poignant lyrics of Iron and Wine with the literal and imaginative power of AI,” explains Josiah James.  “AI not only challenges conventional music video storytelling but also showcases the potential of AI as a collaborative partner in the creative process.”

The 7th Annual Jim Thorpe Film Festival began on April 18, 2024, and runs through Sunday, April 21, 2024.  The “Beyond the Fence” world premiere will debut at 11:00 am on Sunday during Block 14: Local Heros at Mauch Chuck Opera House in Jim Thorpe, PA.

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About Josiah James

Josiah James, a software engineer in the advertising industry, began to explore his creative talents after receiving a video camera that his father had won in a sales contest.  He began creating short videos each year as a family Christmas gift and now owns a production company, Cup of Jo, LLC., generating sort films, “Blind Date”, “A Rare Dinner” and “Beyond the Fence”.  James earned his first Best Director accolade for “A Rare Dinner” at the 2023 Allentown Film Festival, a film created in collaboration with actor/creenwriter Tom Finnegan and renowned White House press photographer, Eric Courtney . “A Rare Dinner” was filmed in Washington, DC and celebrates a couple’s engagement at dinner with parents, whose script revels James’ comedic side filled with word play, innuendos and interpretation folly. Josiah James is a film industry writer, director, comedian and podcaster.  Visit to find out more about Josiah James and follow @jokesbyjo on all social media platforms.

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For those that cannot make it to Jim Thorpe, the music video will premiere on YouTube at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 21, 2024

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