Bright Communications Presents: “Finding Freedom from Clutter” By: Melissa Draving

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Are You Drowning in Clutter?

Finding Freedom from Clutter will help you organize your papers, photos, stuff, and life! This book features top tips and tricks from a Personal Concierge and Certified Photo Manager to help you:

• Organize Your Goals
• Organize Around the House
• Sell, Donate, and Discard Your Clutter
• Organize Papers, Photos, and Memorabilia
• Organize for the Holidays
• Help Other People Organize

This guide will streamline and simply your life, saving you money, time, and sanity!

Melissa Draving

Melissa Draving is a Personal Concierge, Professional Organizer, and Certified Photo Manager who lives in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. She started her business Here For You Concierge in 2017 to help others have more time to give back to their families, by helping with things they don’t know how to do, don’t have time for, and/or normally procrastinate. As one client beautifully put it: “You help others do things they have wanted to do for a long time.” She has worked with more than 100 clients, running errands, organizing, providing personal assistance, and managing photo collections.


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