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Article & Photography by:  Diane Fleischman

Back for it’s fourth year, the Spooktacular Hot Air Balloon Festival filled a portion of the Slatington airport, prepared for the massive crowd this event attracts. The Festival ran the weekend, starting on Friday, and contingent with any balloon festival, the weather can make or break these events.

There was literally something there for everyone. For the kids, besides the walk through hot air balloon attraction, there were plenty of amusement park rides.  For the foodies, they had it covered with plenty of food trucks. And if you were in the mood to shop, an array of vendors lined the runway. Of course, balloon rides, and tethered rides as well. In addition to the main attraction, helicopter rides were offered.

Photography by:  Diane Fleischman

The crowd started to fill the sectioned off lawn area after 4pm. Armed with their fold up chairs, blankets, and anticipation of an extraordinary night ahead. The hot air balloons started inflating close to 5pm on Saturday.

Sometimes part of the fun is just watching a team of several people put the balloon all together, from stretching the balloon out, lining up the ties, inflate with fans, attach the basket, and blowing propane into the balloon until the basket stands upright. The patterns, the vibrant colors on the balloons were beautiful.

As the sky drew dark, on went the smoke machines, and a fog filled the field.  More balloons were set up.  After dark,  the  Pyrotechnic DJ laser light show  filled the sky, and to compliment the moment more, many children were prepared with glow in the dark jewerly, light sticks, and other such accesories.

One by one, the balloons started glowing, and the firework show began.Between the glowing, fireworks explosions, and lasers, the sky was truly lit up, it was such an amazing sight, the crowd, inbetween camera and iphone shots, cheered at this unique entertainment.

The Spooktacular Hot Air Balloon Festival rolls around but once a year.  If you’ve never been, it’s a great experience. And if you’re not careful, you may find it addicting, spending time each day !

The Valley Ledger would like to extend our sincere thanks the  Lehigh Valley Hot Air , and event staff for their generousity and hospitality.