Interview with Lehigh Valley Medium Matthew Kamont | By Janel Spiegel

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By Janel Spiegel

Interview with Matthew Kamont (Lehigh Valley Medium)

Matthew Kamont: The Lehigh Valley Medium

3606 Nicholas St. B6, Palmer Township, PA 18045

On Friday, I went to see Matthew Kamont, The Lehigh Valley Medium. Matthew was incredibly welcoming, and kind. Matthew recently had surgery; Matthew did share some of his journey on social media. Matthew is passionate about what he is doing.

Matthew will be appearing at Steel Stacks at the Visitor Center presented by St. Luke’s University Health Network. I sat with Matthew in his office. It was serene, beautiful, welcoming, and he gave me a tour along with Ashley Figueroa who runs The High Priestess Tarot. You can book appointments with Ashley in-person and “long distance.” Mathew shared Ann’s beautiful office. She is the Certified Crystal Practitioner, and her shop is called, The Hidden Gem. Matthew was kind enough to talk with me. We had a beautiful real conversation. I’ve been doing interviews for over twenty years, and this was one of the most fascinating interviews I have done in-person. There were crystals throughout the office, beautiful art work of the signs people often see. The waterfall, and incense was going. It was peaceful. Matthew talks about life, his career, his clients, and he has so much respect for the people that work with him.

TVL- Hi Matthew, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with today for The Valley Ledger. When did you start doing this professionally, and what type of experience did you have that started all of this?

Matthew- I’m an open book. I started in either 2014 or 15? I can never remember. I want to say 2014 based on when we got Phantom. (He points to his dog, Phantom.) That’s when I officially started. I got this calling, and it kept bothering me. I kept saying to my husband, what am I supposed to do with this? I worked a normal job like everybody else, and I said what am I supposed to do, give this up, and start reading palms. I put it on the back burner for a while, and that’s when I went to a local store, and they wanted to have a medium come in and have a gallery reading. I thought it sounded cool. I would rather do that then a one-on-one. Public speaking doesn’t scare me. It was the one-on-one that I was scared of but now I love the one-on-ones. I didn’t know where it came from at the time but now, I understand the voice, but the voice inside of me said, do it. It ended up being a fantastic reading, and then it took on a life of its own. I got to the point where I was doing more readings, and then I left my job, and this became my full-time job.

TVL- Was that nerve-wracking for you? Did you think this is absolutely what I must do in life?

Matthew- Yes, yes it was nerve-wracking. I went to the Tarot cards and I was asking the cards for guidance. I wanted to make sure I had stability. I have all of this documented, and I can go back and look at everything. I put myself into this, and I put my whole heart and soul into everything.

(At this point, Matthew introduced me to Ashley, she is awesome. Book an appointment with Ashley.)

Matthew continuing- I feel as though I put myself into everything, and I don’t believe in putting on a show. I will probably wear something cute for the show. I have no problem telling people what needs to be said. I’m not going to tell people what they want to hear.

TVL- It’s no bullsh*t with you. You don’t sugar coat anything. That’s what I’m hearing.

Matthew- Yes, no bullsh*t. I’m glad you said it. I want to be honest, and I don’t want to play games with people. I want to help people.

TVL- What is the biggest challenge for you, and the best thing about doing this for a living?

Matthew- It takes a lot out of me. Not just doing what I do but so much is expected of me. It’s a heavy feeling some times. Most people don’t see the 1:00AM messages I get.

TVL- Phantom has so much soul in his little eyes.

Matthew- Oh he does. That’s what everyone always says. He looks like he was a human.

TVL- He is like a little, magical being.

Matthew- He really is.

TVL- What are you hoping for on Sunday? What do you hope that people get out of this experience?

Matthew- I just want to help people. I treat it like every other event. I try to get to as many people as possible.

TVL- What do you do to recharge yourself?

Matthew- I spend time with Phantom. I watch TV, and I don’t want to have to stress or think.

TVL- I have a lot of conversations with people about intuition, what would you say about trusting your intuition, and learning about it.

Matthew- You have to trust. Trust what you’re seeing, and trust yourself. We also have an institutive meet-up group that people can attend.

TVL- What do you want to say to everyone, what do you want people to know from your perspective? The people who follow you now, the people who will be attending the event on Sunday?

Matthew- That’s a very good question. The only thing that keeps coming into my head is that I want to make people feel good, either through healing or to just feel like they’re in the presence of something bigger than us.

TVL- I thank you so much, Matthew. It was such an honor to talk to you. You are a bright, good soul. Thank you.

Matthew- Thank you so much, Janel.