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Project 9, an original DIY rock band from the Lehigh Valley, just got into The Sherman Theater Battle of the Bands as the only band representing the Lehigh Valley.

Popping up just this year on the music scene of the Valley, they now go to the Poconos to battle it out.

Will the Lehigh Valley Rock out at The Sherman? Or will Project 9 have an uphill battle onstage?

Project 9 started as a full band a little over a year ago when singer Rebecca Ripley joined Russell Krutisia(Guitar), Mike Schuon(Bass), and Scott Fore(Drums). The boys had already been playing together after previous bands falling apart.

Project 9

All being of different ages and backgrounds meant nothing when we started playing together. We knew we felt something special from day one as a group.

We started gigging in February 2023 trying to make a name for ourselves.

Notable shows include:

The Shanty on 19th, The Wooden Match, Zoostock 2023, and a private event at The Wind Creek Event Center.

We’ve slowly been gaining a following and As we’ve built our own home studio, we are working on our first official album as a band.

This leads us to when we saw The Sherman Theater is hosting a battle of the bands. We applied and crossed our fingers.

Well now we made it. 

Now we have to showcase all ORIGINAL music to battle it out with 7 other bands. Being from the Lehigh Valley is something we cherish as we feel we’re coming from such a rich musical area. Being that we are the only band from here we think, it’s right we not only rock out extra hard but we do it for and with the Valley as our push!

You can help support Project 9 by purchasing tickets for the battle of the bands by using this link

You can learn more about Project 9 by visiting there website