WWE Live Holiday Tour at the PPL Center in Allentown | Photography by Diane Fleischman & Review by Janel Spiegel

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Photography by Diane Fleischman & Review by Janel Spiegel

WWE Live Holiday Tour

Saturday, December 2, 2023



ALLENTOWN!!! Allentown, PA. I’m proud of us. Tonight was quite a night. I wound up at the Allentown Christmas Tree Lighting which was beautiful. Lots of vendors, great food, the Marines were there, The Allentown Police Department, a variety of food vendors, live music, a horse drawn carriage. The horses are beautiful. So, then after taking the scenic route, I had to get to the PPL Center for the WWE Live Holiday Tour. Did you ever feel the energy and know it was going to a blast before you even arrived at the venue?! That’s how I felt tonight. I knew it was going to be fun. My awesome magical friend Paula went with me. This was her first wrestling event. I think she’s ready for table matches.

Thank you to Kayla and the PPL Center for always including The Valley Ledger. It’s a lot of work on all ends, and we all work together for everything to come to fruition. Tonight was just electrifying. Wrestling is something that tends to mean a lot to so many people. They played videos from the “Then” and the “Now.” I must say back in the day, “Back in the Day,” wrestling was awesome. You had some of the greats. You would hear a note of the entrance music, and people were HYPED, BEYOND HYPED. We sat in an awesome section. It was funny to see the grown-ups just as excited as the kids, if not even more excited. Kofi Kingston showed up, and had the crowd going wild. He brought the chairs, sticks, and tables out. Allentown can handle it. Some people were ready to jump in. Don’t worry.

The first match was between Bayley and Shotzi. They were entertaining, and the crowd was just losing their minds. We also saw a match between the awesome Bobby Lashley, I was fortunate to meet Lashley a few years ago thanks to the incredibly talented Actress, creator, wrestling talent, mom of 10, and wife of the talented writer, Anthony Saint Thomas. I met Lashley through Monique Dupree who is heavily involved in the wrestling world. Lashey is part of All Mighty. We also saw Cameron Grimes, Charlotte Flair who is the daughter of the one and only, Ric Flair, his ICONIC WHOOO’s!!! echoed throughout the PPL Center all night, and made their way outside and well, I was WHOO-ing all the way home at this point. The impact that Ric Flair had on wrestling is undeniable. To see Charlotte Flair stroll out to the ring in her beautiful sparkly red outfit reminds you of Ric Flair’s out of this world, wild and creative antics. Karrion Kross came out with Scarlett. Odyssey Jones helped out Cameron. What a team. Solo Sikoa also appeared, he looked EXTRA serious, and Dragon Lee wrestled. This was so much fun. My friend had a blast. We made some new friends. Shout out to everyone who was chanting with us, yelling, and having a blast.

L.A. Knight and KO (Kevin Owens) the main event, and boy did they deliver. There is nothing more exciting and fun than wrestling. They wrestled against Solo Sikoa, and Jimmy Uso. We hope they come back next year.

Make sure to follow social media on tour and PPLE Center to learn all the amazing events coming up. Thank you, Kayla, The Allentown Police department for helping to keep everyone safe.