1st Ever Tilted Loop on a Dive Roller Coaster Connected as Iron Menace Continues to Come to Life

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ALLENTOWN, PA (February 21, 2024) – Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom can check off another milestone in its brand-new roller coaster’s construction journey. On Tuesday under a clear sky crews finished connecting the historic tilted loop, the first of its kind on a dive roller coaster.

The loop which proceeds the final inversion, the 360-degree corkscrew spin, will carry riders over the historic Zephyr train ride which is being rerouted through the Iron Menace station.

Over the cold winter months, crews have worked diligently to get to this point and throughout the park other theming elements are coming to life.

In a message posted to social media last week, Dorney Park’s Vice President and General Manager Jessica Naderman announced additional projects in the park’s newly identified ‘Steel Yard’ themed area including:

  • Iron Mill Grill & Bar:  The new restaurant and bar will offer a delectable menu featuring mouthwatering chicken sandwiches, pierogis, flatbreads, pulled pork sandwiches, and more. Additionally, the bar will serve a selection of craft beers for guests aged 21 and over. The restaurant and bar will also feature a new seating patio, replacing the previous Monster ride pad, providing guests with comfortable seating and shade.
  • Steel Yard Gifts: Adjacent to the Possessed roller coaster, guests will find Steel Yard Gifts, a new shop offering a wide range of Iron Menace and Dorney Park merchandise.
  • MT Buckets:  The beloved Cedar Creek Flyers ride will be transformed into MT Buckets, incorporating the Steel Yard theme. Naderman assured families and children that they will continue to experience the exhilaration of spinning high in the sky, while enjoying the breathtaking views created by the construction of Iron Menace.

The park is also working diligently on several other projects around the park in preparation for Opening Day on May 10, 2024; more details to be released later.

“2024 promises to be a transformative year for Dorney Park,” said Ryan Eldredge, Dorney Park’s Communications and Public Relations Manager. “As we move closer to Opening Day on May 10th we’ll continue to share updates and details.”

Dorney Park is dedicated to keeping its guests informed about the ongoing construction of Iron Menace. Regular updates will be provided as the project continues to unfold. Visitors can look forward to being part of history as they prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure filled with twists, turns, and heart-pounding drops.

For more information and updates on Iron Menace, please visit Dorney Park’s official website at www.dorneypark.com or follow them on social media.

BACKGROUND: The Iron Menace, the Northeast’s first-ever dive roller coaster, opening in 2024, will be the first new coaster built at Dorney in 19 years.

Riders of Iron Menace will start their exhilarating journey in the remains of an old steel mill and then climb 160 feet where they’ll hang over the beyond-vertical first drop before diving into the first of four mind-bending inversions.

With nearly 2,200 feet of steel track, this awe-inspiring roller coaster will feature a unique “hold and dive” element, where riders will find themselves hanging on the edge of their seats, breathlessly awaiting the heart-pounding 95-degree, 152-foot drop.

With speeds up to 64 miles per hour, Iron Menace will boast the first-ever tilted loop on a dive coaster. After the initial, beastly drop, the train will pull up sharply and flip 180 degrees in an Immelmann inversion. A zero g-roll will dish out a 360-degree inversion in wild weightlessness, while the tilted loop and a 360-degree corkscrew spin will leave riders wondering which way is up.

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