SALVAGE SUNDAY (FEB. 25TH, 2024) | Recipes By Joe Scrizzi

Recipe By Joe Scrizzi

Salvage Sunday (Feb. 25th, 2024)

As I continue to purge items from my freezer and fridge, I’ve accumulated items on the counters which have built up from birthdays, holiday gatherings, etc. Every day I see a Butternut Squash & Acorn Squash sitting off to the side since October 2023. One great thing about these types of gourds is once picked, they don’t need any refrigeration and can last quite some time, as they have until today.

Split each open and remove the seeds and roasted in the oven at 400Deg. F for 30 minutes. I added ½ head of garlic, and some onions. The house smelled amazing to say the least! Once fork tender, remove from oven to cool slightly and remove pulp from skin. I waited about an hour to cool down further and put everything into the blender along with the tomatoes and garlic I roasted off the week before (froze half). Mixture was quite thick and added 2 – 3 cups beef broth (or whatever is on hand) to thin it down a bit.

Added to a saucepan, seasoned with salt, pepper and dried thyme and brought to a slight boil to allow flavors to blend. I didn’t blend entirely to a thin consistency, as I wanted it a bit chunkier. It ended up coming out great!

No recipe per say, just prep, bake, blend, cook, season and taste to create an amazing dish! Try something new!

Bon Appetite!