KSAT 2021. A Walkabout: Capturing Beauty Along the Karl Stirner Arts Trail

KSAT 2021. A Walkabout: Capturing Beauty Along the Karl Stirner Arts Trail

Easton, Pennsylvania – March 19, 2024 – Renowned attorney and avid photographer, Edward Shaughnessy, takes viewers on a visual journey with “KSAT 2021. A Walkabout,” showcasing his year-long exploration of the Karl Stirner Arts Trail.

Shaughnessy’s daily walks along the picturesque 1.75-mile trail served not only as a personal wellness ritual but also as an opportunity to capture the trail’s natural beauty and artistic charm through his lens. Now, all 365 of his meticulously crafted photographs will be on display alongside select prints available for acquisition at the modest price of $50 each.

In a philanthropic gesture, Shaughnessy will donate 75% of the proceeds from sales to the Karl Stirner Arts Trail organization, furthering their mission to promote art, nature, and wellness within the Easton community. The remaining 25% will support future art exhibitions at the Easton Public Market.

“We’re thrilled to share Edward Shaughnessy’s stunning visual narrative of the Karl Stirner Arts Trail,” said Megan McBride, Easton Market District Director of Greater Easton Development Partnership. “His passion for both photography and our community shines through in every image.”

 “KSAT 2021. A Walkabout” will be on display from March 6 to April 6, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty and serenity of Easton’s beloved arts trail.

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