The Next Distribution Round of Free Deterra Drug Deactivation and Disposal System

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Beginning on Friday, May 10th, Deterra, a Drug Deactivation and Disposal company, will send the next round of drug disposal pouches to the homes of Northampton County residents as a part of the County’s Fake is Real campaign. The first round of Deterra was distributed in November 2023.

Deterra pouches are an at-home medication disposal method that helps to promptly dispose of unwanted drugs as soon as they are no longer needed. The pouches safely destroy prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as fentanyl and illicit drugs.

“Northampton County is taking decisive action to keep unused medications out of the wrong hands and prevent addiction before it starts. Through Fake is Real, we are attempting to keep as many opioids out of the hands of young people as we can,” says Executive Lamont McClure.

The Fake is Real campaign aims to educate families, specifically young adults in the 18-35 age group, about the dangers of buying counterfeit prescription pills that may contain fentanyl. The campaign is funded from the proceeds that the County secured from litigation against opioid manufacturers. Funding from the settlement allows the County to strengthen its response to the ongoing epidemic, raise awareness to prevent addiction, and offer services to treat it.

You can learn more about our campaign by visiting, or to request a Deterra pouch if your home did not receive one this mailing cycle.

The third and final round of Deterra distribution will be sent later this year.


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