Lehigh Valley Fashion Week Spring/Summer2016 – April 28th to April 30th


Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton, April 20, 2016 – Lehigh Valley Fashion Week (“Fashion Week”) is held twice a year to highlight all the Fashion Seasons (Fall/Winter) (Spring/Summer), and occurs on April and August of each year.

Season 1 was held on August 14th to 21st, 2015, and it was sponsored by the Renaissance Hotel Allentown.  Kathy Avila owner of Style Beauty Lounge, located in Bethlehem, had her fashion show during that week.  Restaurants such as Corked, located in Bethlehem and Hook, located in Allentown, collaborated with Lehigh Valley Fashion Week.  The Fashion Week was a success and lovers of fashion came out in groves to attend the Premier nights.  Lehigh Valley Fashion Week’s sponsors were Metro Beauty Academy, Barbizon Chique, Style Beauty Lounge, LV Happening, Davis, Nelson and Associates and other companies/individuals who supported and helped with its success.

For Season 2 of Fashion Week Spring/Summer2016 (“S/S 2016”) styles will be presented by designers and boutiques.  This Season is sponsored by Holiday Inn Center Allentown, and will be held on April 28th to April 30th.   During this Fashion Week on April 29th, BW Nice – Lehigh Chapter will have their annual Red Shoe Charity Luncheon and Fashion Show, and Style Beauty Lounge will participate again by having a Trunk Show.

All the Lehigh Valley Fashion Week premier events will be held at the Holiday Inn Center Allentown, 904 Hamilton St, Allentown, PA 18101, and starts at 7pm.  This venue was recently renovated and fits the growing attendance of the Fashion Week. If you don’t want to miss a beat during Fashion Week book your room by calling 610. 433.2221. The emcees will be Heidi Uracius from Barbizon Chique and Kari Holmes from Lehigh Valley Fashion Week.

Heidi is the former Ms Pennsylvania US 2014 and awarded 3rd Runner up Actress of the Year at the IMTA Convention in Los Angeles.  She is currently the events manager for Barbizon Chique and continues to model and act locally and in New York.  She was on the television special “On the Road to the Fashion Hero” on ABC last June, and will be in the upcoming reality show “The Fashion Hero”, as the Season One Winner.

Kari Holmes is the Fashion Director of Lehigh Valley Fashion Week, and has hosted numerous events.  She manages the designers and models for Fashion Week, and ensures that everyone is organized for the fashion events.

Barbizon Chique of Philadelphia will be providing models and partnering with Lehigh Valley Fashion Week again for Season 2. Barbizon is celebrating 77 years in the industry and their models can be seen on TV, in Movies, Magazines, on the Runway, and more.  If you are interested in learning more about Barbizon and finding out how you can get started, go to barbizonchique.com, or visit their booth during intermission or after the show.

On April 28th, Thursday, there will be a networking event, where a panel of professionals in the fashion industry will speak to aspiring models, make-up artists (“mua”), and hairstylists to help them to become successful in the fashion industry.  Our host for this event will be Kari Holmes, Fashion Week’s Fashion Director.  The panel will consist of the following professionals; local top model and actor, Yasminda Rodriguez and Jacinth Sutphin, photographer, Jeff Levy, makeup artist, Faces by Fre Umarah, model agency, Heidi Uracius of Barbizon Chique, to name a few.

On April 29th, Friday, the premier night designers will showcase S/S 2016 couture and ready-made collections. Here are some of the designers and boutiques who will be showcased; Dartanya, Clotheversity, Clothes Mentor, Victoria Wright, Art 2 The Skin, Stay by Stacy Angela, Abundant Style, and Glam2Mod2Chic.

On April 30th, Saturday, the finale night will showcase S/S 2016 urban collection.  Here are some of the designers and boutiques who will be showcased; Clothes Mentor, Level 9, Cat’s Meow, Urban Varieties,

Purchase your tickets for the Premier and Finale fashion shows at www.lehighvalleyfashionweek.com.

To celebrate Lehigh Valley Fashion Week’s Team hard work there will be an after party at The JetPort Restaurant and Lounge on April 30th after the fashion show.  JetPort is located at 3400 Airport Rd, Allentown, PA, and it starts at 10pm.  This is a chance to meet the designers, mua, hairstylists, models, and the Fashion Week Team who participated in Fashion Week.

About Lehigh Valley Fashion Week

Lehigh Valley Fashion Week is a Lehigh Valley organization highlighting the fashion industry in the area.  Our Fashion Weeks consist of fashion shows at malls, boutiques, and other venues around the Lehigh Valley. Fashion Weeks are celebrated around the globe and has been proven to be the number one medium for presenting the work of fashion designers and other fashion-oriented crafts.

It is known these events boost visibility and profit to the surrounding businesses.  There will be multiple fashion and promotional events throughout the Lehigh Valley, where we will collaborate with sponsoring businesses.  If you are interested and would like more information please contact us at contact@lehighvalleyfashionweek.com or 484.994.2572.

The hash tags used for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are #lehighvalleyfashionweek and #LVFWSS16.  The hash tags will be used for marketing purposes.


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