Story & Photographs by Diane Fleischman  

If you’re going to pay tribute and cover the songs of one of the most obscure, imaginative, progressive rock bands such as Pink Floyd, you better go big, or go home.  For Brit Floyd, they’re bags were packed full to the brim with the finest laser and light show equally matched with the sounds of Pink Floyd, you’d catch  yourself in a double take that it wasn’t Pink Floyd themselves. 

Saturday night, Brit Floyd performed to a full audience at The Sands Bethlehem Event Center.  Currently on a worldwide tour promoting “Space and Time, Part Two,

Continuum, this show was like a random shuffle on the iPod, covering all the favorites between 1967-1994. 

During the three-hour performance, each song was mastered with precision of recreating the sounds of Pink Floyd to perfection.  If anything, the three female back up singers added a pinch more soul that only made these classics better. The long intriquetly detailed instrumentals, seemed to move the fans through space and time.  A handful of the crowd favorites were: “Have a Cigar”, “Run Like Hell”,  “Another Brick in the Wall”, “Mother”, “Pigs”, and “Breathe” with several standing ovations throughout the set. 

A 30-foot round screen played movie clips, animations, and snippets from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, from center stage.  Pulsating with the bass lines, red lights shot out from the stage, deep into the audience, while vividly changing with each song, and highlighted by laser lights that pierced over the heads of the fans.  Many lights bounced off the back walls, onto the sides and ceiling, sometimes creating a three dimensional effect. 

One of the highlights of “Dark Side of The Moon” was the iconic colored prism, now fueled by lasers shot from the stage into the crowd.   

As the night wore on, the lighting and laser show got more intense.  Saving the best for last, were “Comfortably Numb”, which prompted a wave of cell phones above head level.  With one song left to go, no one has left their seats to beat the ensuing traffic jam that waited.  The crowd was mesmerized. 

Closing the show was “Money”, and just like a fourth of July fireworks show, all the stops were pulled out.  A spinning disco ball was lowered adding more of a bang to the light show. 

There wasn’t a bad seat in the house, however, those seated towards the back of the venue had the advantage of watching the light show in its full glory.  Brit Floyd put on a spectacular performance,  leaving this crowd wanting more. 

Brit Floyd is:  Damian Darlington (guitar, lead vocals), Ian Cattell (bass, lead vocals), Rob Stringer (keyboards, vocals), Edo Scordo (guitar, vocals) and Arran Adronun (drums).

Story & Photographs by Diane Fleischman