Grand Opening for Coffee House Without Limits this Thursday at 11:30 am


May 12th ribbon cutting to celebrate grassroots coffee shop 

Allentown, PA: A grand opening and ribbon cutting for Allentown’s Coffee House Without Limits, featuring the Mayor of Allentown Ed Pawlowski and other Allentown dignitaries, will be held on Thursday May 12 at 11:30 am at 707 N 4th St., suite 101. The event will celebrate Allentown’s first grassroots coffee shop, Coffee House Without Limits. The event will also feature fresh, locally-roasted coffees by Monocacy Coffee Co., vegan donuts from Sweet Doe Bakery, rustic biscotti and cookies from Made By Lino, and fresh kombucha from Lehigh Valley Kombucha.

Coffee House Without Limits’ (CWOL) owner, Billy Mack, was a traveling musician who settled in the Allentown area some time ago. He’s an experienced barista and community builder, and is also the head barista at CWOL. During his travels, Mack noticed the community benefits of having a “third place,” a safe environment separate from the home or workplace, where one can socialize and be productive alongside neighbors. Mack believes that a clean meeting-place, where people can come together as fellow community members over a cup of coffee can be an uplifting benefit to Allentown’s morale and diversity. “The aim has been to empower community, through art, friendship, food and coffee,” says Mack.

“When I first met Billy Mack, we were at a diner on Tilghman,” says Monocacy Coffee Co. owner Matt Hengeveld, “I brought an Aeropress with me and brewed a cup of our Brazilian coffee right at the table, and we discussed how to bring his dream to reality. His vision for CWOL has been to create a safe place where people can relax and meet their neighbors. That’s already a reality. Step into CWOL on any given day and you’ll meet a cast of neighbors, poets, folk singers and more.””What I like most about CWOL,” said Melanie Lino, owner of Made By Lino bakery, “is that Billy’s expanding the local economy. By purchasing CWOL’s baked goods from local start-up bakeries like my own and Sarah’s [of Sweet Doe Bakery], and his coffees from the Monocacy Boys, he’s allowing our businesses to thrive and gain footing in our marketplace. More of every dollar you spend at Coffee House Without Limits stays inside the Lehigh Valley … and that’s very important to all of us!”

After some community fundraising and an exciting adventure within the walls of City Hall, Billy Mack and friends would like to formally introduce Allentown to its very own grassroots coffee shop, Coffee House Without Limits!
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About A Coffeehouse Without Limits: A Coffeehouse Without Limits is a new coffee shop located beside Allentown’s Alternative Art Gallery, within the Cigar Factory building, located at 707 N 4th St. Suite 101. The shop is devoted to supplying Allentown with a relaxing area to gather as neighbors over an exceptional cup of coffee. Billy Mack can be reached at (570) 954-0165,

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Matthew Hengeveld

Monocacy Coffee Co.