Raub/Allen Health Careers Club Celebrates Year of Educational Opportunities


Allentown, PA (May 17, 2016)   On Thursday, May 19, the Raub/Allen Health Careers Club will celebrate a year of healthcare experiences with a gathering at the Rose Garden Pavilion (#2) beginning at 3:15 p.m. Club members will learn about and use the Life Fitness Trail, then regroup at 3:45 p.m. at the pavilion. As part of the celebration, the group of nearly 25 student members will be joined by members of the Lehigh County Medical Society (co-sponsors of the club); Allentown Health Bureau Dieticians; as well as ASD administrators.

The Club focuses on educating Raub Middle School and William Allen High School students who are interested in the healthcare field on the professions and jobs in healthcare, as well as the educational requirements to achieve their goals. Currently, there are approximately 25 Raub and Allen students who met weekly since the end of October and once a month (on a Saturday morning) at Lehigh Valley Hospital, Allentown for a special program.

Throughout the year, students have become certified in CPR, Oxygen and Epipen administration. In May, members enjoyed an informational and inspiring visit to the St. Luke’s Surgical Training Center. They have also visited Hospitals, St Lukes Temple Medical School, local colleges and a Veterinary Hospital to name a few. They have listened to speakers at their meetings from such programs as Lehigh Valley Hospital Concussion Program, Miller Keystone Blood Center and the Da Vinci Science Center. A secondary goal of the club is personal wellness. Students have met with Dieticians at the Allentown Health Bureau and participated in a de-stress and yoga session given by the DeSales Psychology Club.

The Club, led by Raub Middle School Nurse Karen Goldner, MEd School Health, BSN, RN, and William Allen Health and Physical Education Teacher Kate Long, have successfully mentored students over the past two years resulting in two senior club members admitted to college last year for Pre-Med, and two additional senior club members pursuing Pre-Med in the fall.

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Information provided by:
Kimberly Golden Benner
Director of Communications
Allentown School District