Mayor Ed Hozza Endorses Phillips Armstrong for State Representative PA 183rd District


Mayor Ed Hozza Endorses Phillips Armstrong for State Representative PA 183rd District “Your vote for Phil Armstrong is a vote for your community and for someone who will fight for your interests.”


Phillips Armstrong, the President of the Whitehall Township Board of Commissioners has received the endorsement of Ed Hozza Jr., Mayor of Whitehall Township.

I met Phillips “Phil” Armstrong when he was my son’s Social Studies teacher.  Ted would come home and tell us stories at the dinner table about historical figures that aren’t taught in the history books.  Phil strove to keep his students engaged in learning rather than just memorizing dates and facts.  After Phil retired from teaching he was recommended unanimously by our Whitehall Board of Commissioners to fill a vacancy on our Board.

Having had the privilege to meet Phil before, I knew he was capable, thoughtful, and truly cared about this community.  His strong, but thoughtful voice has shown exceptional leadership and as Board President he has restored professionalism to our monthly meetings. Since Phil has been on the Whitehall Board of Commissioners he has fought tirelessly for the people who live here, even when change seems difficult.  Phil stood up against vocal opposition to approve a new automated recycling Toter Cart program and refuse contract that was not well received when it was introduced.  Since it was adopted, it has more than doubled our recycling tonnage and has saved our taxpayers money so that we will be able to reduce our garbage fees in 2017.   He has reinstituted community events and has not voted to raise our Township Property Tax.

Phil is a genuine person who does what is right even in the face of high pressure and insurmountable odds.  I learned that personally in January of this year.   My wife Denise was facing a life and death medical crisis.  She had gone for routine medical test and doctors discovered a large mass in her heart named a left atrial myxoma.   I confided in Phil about our situation, and instead of just providing moral support, he picked up the phone and called a former Whitehall student who worked at the University of Pennsylvania.   My wife was seen by the foremost surgeon in cardio thoracic surgery.  While most surgeons see one or two cases in their careers of what my wife was suffering from, this surgeon performed six of these surgeries a year.  The surgery was successful and my wife is alive today because Phil picked up the phone and did whatever he could to help.  He did that for me and he’s helped countless others with his dedication to our community.  There is no one more qualified who wants the best for the people of the 183rd than Phillips Armstrong.

Phillips Armstrong is running for State Representative of our district this year and we need to make sure he is elected because there is no one who will work harder for us than Phil.  He has dedicated his life to serving his community and this endeavor is no different. He is running because he wants to help the people who live here.  Your vote for Phil Armstrong is a vote for your community and for someone who will fight for your interests.


-Ed Hozza Jr.

Mayor of Whitehall Township


Phillips Armstrong is a retired Social Studies teacher for 40 years at Whitehall-Coplay High School, a hall of fame coach and the current President of the Whitehall Board of Commissioners where he was first unanimously appointed to the board in 2014 then reelected in 2015 with the highest number of votes.  After the election, Phillips Armstrong received the unanimous bipartisan vote to become the President of board.  Mr. Armstrong is currently running for State Representative of the 183rd District which includes Slatington, Northampton, and North Catasauqua boroughs, Washington, Whitehall, Lehigh, and Alllen Townships as well as parts of South Whitehall and Moore Townships.



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Hillary Smith


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