THE NUTCRACKER: A CHRISTMAS TRADITION – Story & Photographs by Diane Fleischman

Story & Photographs by Diane Fleischman

Know what’s great about the holiday season?  Traditions.  We all have them, some are handed down generation to generation, or some develop their own.  Either way, they bring people and families together with celebration and love.  Such was the case Saturday, at the State Theatre as the Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker performed a matinee and evening performance.

The performance began with Uncle Drosselmeyer as he prepared his gifts for the children at the Christmas Eve party at Mayor Stahlbaum’s home.  Once he arrived, the party was in full swing with dancing, and merriment .  The gifts were handed out, the children were elated.  Masha, and brother Fritz waited with great anticipation as their gifts came out of the large red sack.  Masha received a Nutcracker doll.  She took the doll into her arms and danced with joy and love for her new gift.  Later, at the close of the party, the Nutcracker doll broke.  Masha, heartbroken, goes to bed for the night.  She has a dream that her Nutcracker doll came to life, and they battle the Rat King, journey through the Snow Forest and meet Father Christmas and the Snow Maiden who take them to the Land of Peace and Harmony. 

In the Snow Forest, a party is held in their honor.  Representatives from the lands of Africia, Russia, Spain, Europe and China performed for them in elaborate dances from their home lands.  Both Masha and the Nutcracker were enchanted and danced on their own before the close of the party.  

 As the performance closed, we’re left to wonder if it all really was just a dream.  Or maybe a touch of Christmas magic.   Seems more like Christmas tradition.


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