Dinamarie Valentini

We are Delighted to introduce Dinamarie Valentini as our newest contributor to The Valley Ledger!

We cannot wait to see what our Culinary Consultant is going to cook up for her first article. Until we get the first dish here is what she brings to the table… Dinamarie Valentini is a self trained gourmet chef that is a farmer’s market junkie.  She views the produce section of the local farm stand or grocery as the candy store and she simply loves to create delicious foods for people’s souls.  Dinamarie views cooking as a form of art and thinks that if you leave her table hungry it’s your own darn fault. Chef Dinamarie is always seeking out new flavor profiles, new ways to marry great ingredients and new opportunities to cook while maintaining the freshest foods.  She loves to cook for parties of 100 people or less so that she can maintain the personal intimate touch that makes her food so delicious.  She caters to those that enjoy family style dining because she believes dinner needs to return to the table where people can sit and tell stories while laughing and enjoying each other’s company…whether they are family or strangers. She is comfortable in any kitchen, in her hometown, neighboring states or in other countries utilizing locally grown and produced ingredients whenever possible.

Dinamarie is currently chef owner at My Grandmother’s Table while working with another local vendor to open a small café in Alburtis this spring.

Website: www.dinavalentini.com

Twitter: @dina_valentini

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyGrandmothersTable